Washington: Artist leaves behind some colorful keepsakes

Before Barbara Heile Sherwood of Washington left Tuesday morning to relocate to Germany, she left behind several keepsakes — her oil paintings — for the Rappahannock Food Pantry and the Washington Post Office.

The community will be saddened to see her leave, but will look forward to spring when Sherwood says she will return for a visit.

Food Pantry totals for 2009
The 2009 contribution totals are in for the Food Pantry. In the seven months it was open last year, the Food Pantry reports that supporters contributed 6,484 pounds of fresh vegetables and 3,096 pounds of fresh fruit and nuts. In addition, donors provided 948 quarts of milk, 628 dozen eggs, 11,091 pounds of store- bought and prepared foods, and 3,527 pounds of pet food. In a week or so, check out the pantry’s Plant-a-Row website for a detailed listing of the produce and other food and items donated last year: (plantarow.rappahannock.com).

Said Pantry director Mimi Forbes: “A big thank you goes to Cynthia Johnson, Michael McCormick, John and Joyce Palm and Carol Ann Lowit for their generous checks in December! Thanks also to Judy DeSarno for her amazing donations over the holidays: 318 lbs of canned and boxed food, meat, produce, and bread, 50 quarts of milk and 20 dozen eggs.”

Variety show
Washington Baptist Church is getting ready for its 14th annual variety show, scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 27, at The Theatre. Wonder what Rev. Phil Bailey, pastor of the Washington Baptist Church, has in store for this year? Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Make sure you mark your calendar for this special date.

Trip to Louisiana
Ellen Mustoe, Washington and Kenny Vaughn, Front Royal, both members of the Washington Baptist church, will be leaving on Saturday, with a team from Shiloh Association to go to Marksville, La. They will help build a new church building for a growing congregation in need of help.

The slab is in place and the team, along with helpers from the church, hopes to put up the walls and get it under a roof within a week’s time. They will travel on Saturday and Sunday and work Monday through Friday, returning next Sunday afternoon. Please keep Mustoe and Vaughn in your prayers for their safe return.

Memorial service
There will be a memorial service for Ann Critzer at the Reynolds Memorial Baptist Church, Sperryville, at 4 p.m. Saturday. Coordinating food and beverage for the event is Evelyn Willis, 540-987-8172.