Letter: Your tax dollars at . . . issue

It’s time that people wake up and take an interest in what is happening in our county! We have more debt now than ever. In the near future, with the new items on the budget table and current spending, we could possibly triple out debt and need as much as a 25 percent tax increase to cover this. It is time to make our supervisors be fiscally responsible and spend our hard-earned money in a manner which reflects the tough economic times. Why should we let our county put us in more debt when many citizens are struggling to keep what they have?

Indeed, many of our tax dollars are currently being misspent. One example is the failing heating system in our schools. This is an instance of monies allocated but not spent on facilities. This could be understood for one or two years, but not year after year after year. This gives the appearance of planned failure. Monies that are approved by the Board of Supervisors that are for specific purposes and are repeatedly moved to other areas show a pattern of fiscal mismanagement. This mismanagement of our county tax dollars has led to premature failure of our school’s heating system, which has left our children in the cold.

I, and many of my friends, have stood up in numerous public meetings and simply asked for our tax dollars to be spent wisely. I believe that the School Board and Board of Supervisors have failed the taxpayer in these areas.

If you are concerned about your tax dollars and the direction of our county’s spending, please join us 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 11 at Chester Gap Fire Hall for a Concerned Taxpayers meeting. Supervisors Roger Welch and Mike Biniek have been invited, as well as, School Board members Rosa Crocker and Beth Hilscher. For more information, call me at 540-675-3123 or e-mail Tom Junk at dzjtfj@msn.com.

Roger Cordani
Flint Hill

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