Sperryville: Don’t wind up in deep water

A lesson learned from last week’s flooding: If water is across a road or a bridge, under no circumstances should you try to cross. Richie Burke posted photos on the Sperryville Volunteer Fire Department web site in addition to those in last week’s paper that should scare us all: someone stranded trying to cross a flooded creek. How lucky that person is to be alive, thanks to a group effort by several volunteer squads.

Creative Construction: Robin Kevis
As we continue our coverage of non-storefront businesses in Sperryville, let’s meet Robin (is there anyone who hasn’t yet?). Originally from Wilton, Conn., Robin’s parents first arrived in the county in 1984 as weekenders, eventually becoming residents of Washington and weekenders in Old Town Alexandria (gave that commute up also!). During this time, Robin moved to Nantucket, met Donna and the rest is history.

While living on Nantucket, they got a phone call from Robin’s mother. “I found you a house and made the down payment – you will like it.” Thus arrived the Robin Kevis family to Rappahannock. For 18 years, Robin and Donna owned the Gay Street Inn. During this time (as well as while on Nantucket), Robin used his creative side to restore homes, build unique additions and all sorts of ancillary projects that piqued his interest and let that incredible imagination loose.

In 2005, Robin, Donna and their daughter Kate arrived on Sara’s Lane, forsaking Washington for Sperryville. Kate is now a junior at Mary Washington College. Most of us know Kate from the ECow and her various other part-time jobs in and around the county. I doubt you can find a job you need done that Kate can’t do — so if you have weekend work, give her a call at the number below! Donna is a constant in the world of volunteerism, giving so very much of her time to help the many causes in the county.

We can’t forget to mention the rest of the Kevis family: Daisy — adopted from RAWL a year ago, she has the personality and energy you would expect from a jack/beagle/hound mix (she is sometimes called Crazy Daisy, or Demon Daisy); Kitty (yes the kitty’s name is Kitty) was rescued from the Warren County shelter.

And back to Robin — as you can imagine, with that creative juice constantly flowing, the esthetic and detail part of contracting/building are very important to him. He has worked on some incredible projects in the past, and is currently finishing a home off Tiger Valley that had been left with only the basement finished — his special touches are so very obvious. Robin can be reached at 540-987-8303.

Miss Rappahannock: April 17
Sponsored by the Sperryville Volunteer Rescue Squad, the pageant has been set for Saturday, April 17 at Rappahannock Elementary School. Due to many requests, a new category for ladies 20 and over, Ms. Rappahannock, has been added. Registration fee is $35 and open to all who are residents or attend school or daycare in the county. This is a major fundraiser for the SVRS, so please support the contestants and the squad – there will be door prizes, a bake sale and a raffle drawing to enjoy. For more information, please contact Deanna Wayland at 540-987-8366 or deannaleigh8@msn.com.

At the Benevolent Fund dinner. Photo by Ray Boc.

The Benevolent Fund beats the snow
For those of us who braved the cold and snow — and there were many who did — a fun evening was had by all, including great food and a variety of entertainment (volunteer and otherwise). The host servers were truly that — not allowed to sit at their assigned tables, they served food and beverage, cleared your dirty dishes, got wine from the bar — albeit for various prices, to help raise additional money. One waitperson held forks hostage in pockets until more donations were handed over. Thanks to everyone who made the evening such a success.