Down Memory Lane

50 years ago
February 18, 1960

Mr. Herbert Barksdale of Flint Hill talks with Mr. Allen Johnson of New Market at the meeting on industry coming to Rappahannock. Mr. Johnson is a former resident of Rappahannock and was at one time employed at the Rappahannock National Bank.

Raymond M. Johnson, Chief Forest Warden of Rappahannock County, recently named the men who are to assist in forest fire control in the county during 1960. These men are appointed as state forest wardens and are available for fire control work. Each warden is located in a strategic position in the county and has a cache of tools available in the event of a forest fire. Local Wardens are Charles C. Atkins, Sperryville; Ambrose Baily, Washington; John A. Burke, Woodville; George Devers, Flint Hill; M. A. Greeley, Chester Gap; Herbert Hitt, Castleton.

Margel Ann Dulaney has been named the 1960 Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow at Rappahannock High School.
She received the highest score in a 50-minute written examination on homemaking knowledge and attitudes taken by graduating seniors in her school. She will receive an award pin, with the slogan “Home is where the heart is.”

25 years ago
February 14, 1985

The Miller Company Realtors is pleased to announce the affiliation of Maxie L. Clark with the company. Having been affiliated with The Miller Company for nearly two years as the office secretary, Clark is now licensed as a real estate salesperson. She is a graduate of Germanna Community College, where she majored in Secretarial Science. Clark also attended The National Institute of Real Estate in Vienna. Maxie is a native of Rappahannock County.

What began as a dream in 1979 was realized Saturday, Feb. 9 as Wakefield School in Huntly dedicated its new gymnasium. It was in 1979 that the trustees of the school voted to build a gymnasium, but four more years passed before headmaster William E. Lynn Jr. presided over ground-breaking ceremonies for the new facility that had been expanded to include classrooms, labs and a library to accommodate the growing enrollment.

The Daisies of Rappahannock County formally became Girl Scouts at their investiture ceremony last month. Daisies are a new addition to Girl Scouts this year and are the youngest (kindergarten age) members of this world-wide organization. They are Kara Kanaby, Marie Andreoni, Anna Metcalfe, Tracy Swift, Diane Estabrook, Angela Atkins, Sally Lawler, Rebecca Deardoff and Kylia Andreoni.

10 years ago
February 16, 2000

Linda Butler came to Washington in March of 1991, when the former postmaster, Carol Miller, retired. Then on Jan. 11, 1992 Butler was appointed postmaster. When asked if she would like to sit down for the interview, Butler replies, “we don’t usually sit down. We work here.” Butler has worked steadily for 18 years with the postal service. Needless to say, she enjoys her job. She says, “I’ve had a wide variety of experience doing different things.”

Cheri Woodard, founder and chairman of the board of Faith Mountain Company, announced the hiring of John Lappegaard to be the company’s new president and chief executive officer. Lappegaard was vice president of marketing at the $320 million sporting goods giant Gander Mountain. He was responsible for all catalog marketing, creative and planning activities as well as their store expansion strategy.

Mayor Stew Willis reluctantly accepted birthday praise and a song at the February meeting of the Washington Town Council. Though he would not directly divulge his age, the mayor did admit that he was now eligible for Medicare which, by this reporter’s calculations, places him somewhere between 52 and 65 years old.

Compiled by Jan Clatterbuck