Heros of the snow need your support

In blizzard and whiteout conditions during last week’s storms, members of the Sperryville Rescue Squad slogged through two-foot drifts of snow on a long and difficult driveway to reach a patient in crisis.

Sperryville Volunteer Rescue Squad, kept clear and staffed through the storm.

After initial assessment of the patient, Cody Dodson, 18, a member of both Speryville’s volunteer rescue squad (Company 7) and fire squad (Company 2), was called and very quickly responded with the Company 2 utility vehicle equipped with a plow, thus enabling the Company 7 utility vehicle, loaded with medical equipment and now chains, to get closer to the patient’s home. Through the blinding snow, four men and women carried the patient into the utility vehicle and then off to the hospital. This scenario was often repeated in some way by Sperryville Volunteer Rescue Squad staff during this historic snowfall.

Response to all calls was met during this monumental storm because members of the Sperryville Volunteer Rescue Squad slept in shifts at the building. George Swett only left once in seven days to respond to a state forestry department call for plowing on Woodward Road. A veteran of the Arlington Fire Department and extensive 9/11 duty, Swett was joined at the squad overnight alternately by Geraldine Payne, Kat Rosemond, Deanna Wayland and Judy Reidinger. During the response to the calls, other members met the overnighters at various points and hopped into the ambulance to join the crew. Also leaving children and families to run as many as four calls per day were Sherry Lillard, Aaron Weisgerber, Josh Waddell, Brian Ross and Judy Reidinger.

Dodson, an award-winning member of RCHS, worked tirelessly day and night to clear patient driveways for fire and rescue vehicles. Swett, wielding a chainsaw, cleared six trees from a patient’s driveway while Geraldine Payne helped haul away the trees. Eddie Gore repeatedly cleared the rescue squad driveways and also that of a frail elderly man he anticipated might need assistance . . . and who later did!

Payne, Reidinger, myself and others supplied food. Ray Boc went to Culpeper to get chains for the ambulances and utility vehicles. Harold Beebout maintained the administrative systems. Collaboration with Company 2 was frequent and well coordinated.

More volunteers needed
Please consider enrolling in the EMT training course that begins in March. Like all volunteer programs there is a constant need to have enough staff to create a viable program. We need you. Call Josh Waddell for information at 540-987-8932.

Miss Rappahannock Pageant and fundraiser:
Equipment, supplies, vehicle and building maintenance are largely funded by your contributions. The Miss Rappahannock Pageant is a major fundraiser for the rescue squad and provides an evening of family and community fun. Plan to attend on April 17 at the Rappahanock Elementary School. Prospective participants can call Deanna Wayland at 540-987-8366 for enrollment information.