May 4: the Washington town slate

Based on filings at Rappahannock County’s Board of Elections office this week, the slate for the Town of Washington’s May 4 election looks like this:

John Sullivan, currently a member of the Town Council, is running unopposed.

“I plan to get out and speak to every person in town, residents and businesses, and get a sense for what people want to happen for this town, now that we have a sewer system,” Sullivan said this week.

Town Council
Mary Ann Kuhn, Middleton Inn owner, former editor of the Rappahannock News and a member of the town’s Planning Commission, filed to run for an open Council seat.

Eugene Leggett is not seeking reelection as mayor but will run for a seat on the Council.

Incumbent Jean Goodine decided not to seek re-election.

Incumbents Alice Butler, Patrick O’Connell and Gary Schwartz are seeking new terms, as is:

Incumbent Councilman and Treasurer J. R. “Jerry” Goebel Jr., who serves on the six-member Council but must run separately for the part-time paid position of town treasurer.

Roger Piantadosi
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