Letter: A caring community saved my life

Perhaps only few of us in Rappahannock County realize how fortunate we are to live in such a caring community where people spare no effort to rush to the rescue of a neighbor when a medical emergency strikes.

Early in the morning of Feb. 9, I woke up with a horrendous, sweat-inducing chest pain that I knew right away was a heart attack, although I had never experienced anything like that before. The situation was particularly scary because we live in a hollow, at the end of a 200-yard driveway that was covered with 23 inches of snow.

The advanced life-support unit of the Amissville Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company was already on its way to rush me to the hospital, but they could not have come even close to our house had it not been for a nearby neighbor.

When he heard on his emergency scanner about what was happening in our community, he raced with his tractor and snowplow to clear our long driveway so that the rescuers could reach me.

At the same time our immediate neighbors, who live almost half a mile away, braved the heavy snow to provide comfort and to move our two cars that were blocking the entrance of the driveway. Thanks to modern medical technology, I am now on the road to recovery with three stents in my cardiovascular system and a deep feeling of gratitude toward all the wonderful people who helped save my life.

Emery Lazar

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