Letter: Dawn of the dumb

Having again reset countless old-time clocks and reprogrammed VCRs, display phones and wristwatches, I was delighted not having to change the photo cell that turns on the barn light at dusk.

What idiocy! Daylight cannot be saved by changing a clock. The number of hours of sunlight per day is the inevitable result of the tilt of the earth and should not be affected by human legislation.

Children shouldn’t go to school in the dark? Change the hours of school, not everyone else’s.

The analogy of the primordial who cut off the top of his blanket and sewed it on the bottom because his feet were cold is only too obvious.

Whenever healthcare, jobs and other hot political issues cool off, let’s start working on the ultimate stupidity of “Daylight Savings Time.”

Phil Irwin
Flint Hill

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