Letter: We should be caretakers of the land, not litterers

Each day thousands of people throw trash out of their car onto the side of the road where it lands in ditches, fences or on the road. Animals can come along and find the trash and it could hurt them. Then the animal people need to come out and help that animal. So in the end it costs a lot. I am writing this letter to explain what you can do to help.

1. Don’t litter in the first place. If you have something you need to throw out while driving, wait until you get to someplace with a trash can and throw it out there, not on the side of the road.

2. Educate your children and have them educate their children not to litter. Littering makes the environment ugly and we don’t want that, especially in good old Rappahannock County. This is God’s land, not our own. We’re caretakers of the land.

3. Pick up the trash. Whenever you can, walk down your road, or any road, take a trash bag and start picking up the garbage. My mom, my sister, my brother and I have picked up a bit over the last couple of weekends. We once picked up almost four 13-gallon bags in about half a mile! That’s a lot of garbage — beer bottles, Pepsi bottles, fast-food bags etc.

Thank you for reading this. Together let’s strive for making a cleaner earth!

Nick Riedel (age 13)

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