Sperryville: For spring, put on a new coat

Now that the sun is shining and joyful daffodils dance in the breeze, thoughts turn to spring projects. We want to feature two house-painting teams that can help you freshen up your home or business in our series on non-storefront businesses.

Ebb and Flow
Ebb and Flow Productions is a woman-owned and -run custom painting business. Maureen Day and Jules Coon draw their inspiration from the name “Rappahannock,” adapted from the Algonquian word lappihanne (also noted as toppehannock) and meaning “river of quick, rising water” or “where the tide ebbs and flows.”

Day and Coon execute the flow of paint in your home with exquisite care. They are careful, clean painters who specialize in using environmentally friendly paints, nowadays available in a broad range of colors at competitive prices.

Among their skills are a glazing technique, l’azure, a color wash process which uses casseine (a paint derived from milk) and glaze from beeswax and lavender oil. In addition to custom techniques, they do conventional applications, both interior and exterior. Call 540-937-7089 for information and estimates.

Nichols Painting
Marsha and Curtis Nichols moved in 1993 to Rappahannock from Taswell County in search of better wages and alternatives to working in the coal mines. Curtis started Nichols Painting in 1995 and Marsha began painting with him in1998. Married 20 years, this couple takes pride in their meticulous work and excellent communication with clients.

In recent testimony to their skills, in four days they patched every hole and crack in a challenging old rundown house and transformed it completely into a bright and airy cottage. Never sacrificing quality, they worked quickly, efficiently and left the house clean and tidy. Marsha and Curtis Nichols are insured and provide interior and exterior work. They can be reached at 540-937-4210.

It takes a village

Artist Davette Leonard renovates the Sperryville village sign on U.S. 211 at Waterpenny Farm last fall. Photo by Ray Boc.

Thanks to the Gateway Project chaired by Tom Junk several years ago, Sperryville received the footbridge over the Thornton River, garden projects on both sides of the bridge and sidewalks and sewers on Main Street. Ultimately, three village signs were completed. The issue of upkeep on these projects raise a very interesting question of how to organize and repair village projects which are not part of county budget and for which there is no village authority to which one can turn. In fact, the grant specified that that it remained the responsibility of our volunteer community to maintain some of these projects.

The brick sidewalk on the Water Street side of the bridge was recently cleaned by volunteers, but a skilled bricklayer is needed to repair the damage inadvertently caused by snow plows this winter.

The bricks are there, but need someone’s expertise to repair damage and reset the bricks. The Estes family continues to weed and mulch the plants on the Water Street side, but the other side needs attention.

Last year an anonymous donor arranged to have the Sperryville sign near Waterpenny Farm recaulked and painted. The signs at Hearthstone School and the Sperryville Cemetery need the same work this spring to prevent further deterioration.

Finally, sidewalks on Main Street, because of the design, tend to gather stones and gravel which are difficult for visitors, the elderly and parents with children in strollers to negotiate. If you are interested in any of these projects, please just go forward! Co-columnist Gail Swift and I will help coordinate the work, but it takes a village: We need your skills to get the jobs done! Call us or contact us at sperryvillenews@gmail.com

Peace, love, Sunday
This Sunday at 3 p.m., you are invited to a special gathering at Hearthstone School. A few months ago this column highlighted the many opportunities for healing in Sperryville, ranging from special healing services at the Reynolds Memorial Baptist Church to energetic therapies. Please add to that list a Oneness Blessing, a non-sectarian event that seeks to encourage peace and love. “By quieting the mind we become aware of our natural state of happiness, joy, peace and Love” says event organizer Kathy Edwards. Breathing techniques, music and chanting will be used during the meditation and blessing givers are Edwards, Ellie and Jim Clark and Terri Freeborn.