Garden Club gets into the (cold) frame

By Bette S. Mahoney
Special to the Rappahannock News

From left, Sylvie Rowand, Susan Holmes and Louise Bondelid.

Louise Bondelid and Sylvie Rowand, active members of the Rappahannock County Garden Club, spoke at the March meeting of the Garden Club about “Gardening in December” with the help of a cold frame.

Louise Bondelid in addition to being a member of the Club is an ardent gardener, antiques restorer and carpenter. She described the step-by-step construction of a modular and portable cold frame similar to that which she built for Rappahannock County Public Schools’ Farm-to-Table program.

After the demonstration, the cold frame was presented to Susan Holmes of the Mountain Laurel Montessori Farm School in Flint Hill, where it will be used to teach students off-season growing techniques and to provide produce to be used by the school and the Rappahannock Food Pantry.

Rowand, an accomplished chef as well as gardener, spoke on how to use a cold frame, and how they work. She showed photographs of a number of cold frames and explained how they can give you an earlier start in the spring as well as enable fall and winter growing.

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