Settles: a tank, pump upgrade

When a customer asked Bubby Settle the other day what all the noise and dust were about at his landmark Flint Hill service station, dealership, deli and grocery, he quipped: “I’m spending my children’s inheritance.”

From left, Bubby Settle, his daughter Kendra Settle and Emory Russell, who sold what had been a Chrysler-Plymouth dealership to Richard and Ester Settle 35 years ago, pose while workmen dig. Photo by Roger Piantadosi.

In truth, Settle is replacing the more than 20-year-old fuel tanks and fuel pumps with state-of-the-art versions, in part so that at least one of his children will have less to worry about when she takes over.

Kendra Settle was on hand while her father described the work — which will close the fuel operations at the place for four weeks, while the deli and grocery remain open. The home-schooled 18-year-old said she plans to head to community college in the fall and, after earning an associates business degree, return to the family store – for which she already has some ideas.

“I’d love to expand the deli, at least,” she said.

Bubby Settle’s parents Richard and Ester Settle bought the place in 1975 from Emory Russell – whose parents built the place in 1938. Settle said some customers have already told him they’ll miss the old pumps, which required a stop inside the store, credit card or not. Just like the old days.

“But . . .” he smiled, as his daughter nodded, “I won’t miss the old pumps.”

Roger Piantadosi
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