Letter: What happened to pride?

The recent letter from Nick Riedel [Letters to the Editor, March 18] was both inspiring and incredibly sad.

The fact that a 13-year-old should have to write to your publication to remind his elders not to litter, to pick up trash and treat the land with a little respect was a sad reflection on many in the community.

Rappahannock’s greatest asset is its scenic beauty, but it is under constant threat from mindless littering – mainly, it seems, by Natural Light beer-drinking, Malboro-smoking, fast food-eating knuckleheads who continually throw their trash out of their vehicles onto the highways and byways of Rappahannock County.

Has anyone taken a look at U.S. 211 lately? I have never seen the local countryside looking so bad. What a terrible example for people visiting the county. It seems the litter, and illegal roadside signs that always seem worse at this time of the year, have reached epidemic proportions.

The existing trash, much of it apparently thrown by locals, seems to be an invitation for visitors to the county to do the same.
I spent several days last month cleaning up Harris Hollow from one end to the other, along with a few roads around Little Washington. Each morning I would travel the same stretch of road picking up the same trash, the same brand of beer cans and cigarette cartons, along with bags of diapers, whiskey bottles, fast-food foam containers complete with unopened eating utensils – all dumped each evening!

Who are these people? And why would they wan’t to drive home each night through beautiful scenery covered in their own trash? What a terrible heritage to pass on to their children and mine.

What happened to community pride?

Master Riedel is to be commended for his weekend efforts in picking up other people’s waste. Unfortunately, changing the consciousness of the local populace might take a little longer.

Robert Alcott

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