Down Memory Lane / Out of the Attic

50 years ago
April 14, 1960

Danny Huff shows his auto mechanic abilities in a photo of Piedmont Technical Education Center activities (including welding, data processing and nursing) from the 1991 Rappsody, the Rappahannock High School yearbook. The yearbook was lent to us by the organizers of the Across the Years multi-year reunion at the Link in Sperryville on Saturday, April 24 at 7 p.m. for RCHS students and staff from the 1960s through the 2000s. If you plan to attend, RSVP and purchase tickets ($30) by April 17 online at or by sending a check to Rappahannock Alumni Association, c/o Karen Sanborn, 15 Apple Blossom Lane, Sperryville, VA 22740.

The County Board of Supervisors at its last meeting empowered Judge Rayner Snead to set up a board of trustees to conduct the business of the new Rappahannock Library to be located in the old Presbyterian Church on Gay Street in Washington.

Judge Snead this week announced the following appointments: Mr. Q. D. Gasque, county superintendent of schools; Mr. Freer Wilson of Flint Hill; Mrs. Virginia Miller, Washington; Mr. Tom Pillar and of Sperryville. Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson.

Sunday afternoon 16 hikers trooped up the mountainside from Bean Hollow near Flint Hill to the waterfalls high up in the park area.

Those hiking were Judge and Mrs. Rayner Snead and son Bill, Mrs. Barbara Gentry, Mrs. Frank Cary, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Miller, Judy Faye Lillard, Sally Latham, Judy Kay Lillard, Mrs. Catherine Riley, Arthur Cheatham, Mary Wood, II, Paul Nichols, Raymond Johnson and Mrs. Sarah Latham.

25 years ago
April 4, 1985

Artists of many kinds have traditionally sought solitude and a natural setting to work in. Cathy Kiley is no exception.

Kiley has lived in Rappahannock for 12 years, and during that time she has written plays and poems, danced with the Last Minute Wood Company, made wreaths and for the past year she has been making baskets.

Another of Kiley dreams is to someday own her own land and build a house. “I worked for several years as a carpenter, so I would be right in there helping to build the house,” Kiley said.

After more than seven years of planning, The Inn at Little Washington has opened its hotel rooms for overnight guests.
Eight rooms on the second floor decorated by Joyce Evans, designer for the Royal Family of England, convey the mood of a grand country house. Each room is sumptuously furnished with English antiques, wallpaper and fabrics.

The Old Dominion Point-to-Point will be run on Saturday, April 6 at the Ben Venue Farm race course, Route 211, 16 miles west of Warrenton in Rappahannock County.

Since 1976, Thomas L. and Louise King Eastham have donated the use of 200 acres for the annual race.

10 years ago
April 12, 2000

Second grade teacher Sheila Smith introduced a draft “Rappahannock Elementary School Code of Student Conduct” to the school board Tuesday night. This draft code, she said, was the result of the efforts of a number of committees and was formulated with input from parents and the community. The code’s purpose is to “state the behavioral expectations that we believe help to create a safe, productive learning environment and the consequences for violating those expectations.”

The 22nd annual Fodderstack 10K Race is set for Saturday, April 15. There are 153 registered runners, 82 females and 71 males.

Rappahannock families are well represented, Quita Parrish’s entourage being the largest contingent with Chris and daughters, Amelia and Lena, Phillip, Merrill (Parrish) Strange and Lily and Alexander, Carol Parrish and children, Elyse and Jules and Lolly Parrish Heyward and son, Dan.

The recommendations of the Washington Waste Water Committee met with significant resistance at a public hearing Monday night. The committee and its consultant, David Taylor of Resource International of Ashland, Va., proposed that the Town of Washington build a waste water collection and treatment system for the town’s 120 water service customers, to be located in the town on a parcel to be acquired.