Add ‘Miss Rappahannock’ to Megan Early’s honors

For close to 60 years the annual Miss Rappahannock Pageant has provided an evening of community support and camaraderie. On Saturday, friends, family and fans of the participants, who ranged in age from seven days old in the baby category to the seven women participating in this year’s new over-20 category, once again helped raise funds for the Sperryville Volunteer Rescue Squad.

Megan Early is crowned Miss Rappahannock 2010 by her predecessor Clarissa Rutherford, as first runner-up Allie Dore looks on. Photo by Ray Boc.

Besides the competition, there were raffle drawings, a live auction, and dinner. Sixty-five participants were cheered and supported by more than 300 attending the event at Rapphannock Elementary School.

Masters of Ceremony Dr. Becky Greer and Rev. Jennings Hobson kept the event moving along. Experienced judges from outside the county judged the competition.

Megan Noelle Early, an 11th-grade National Honor Society student at Rappahannock High School, was crowned Miss Rappahannock. The daughter of Mike and Wanda Early of Rixeyville, Megan has also been named Exceptional Teen by Piedmont Family magazine, was the 2008 Clean Streams student winner for photography, is a national baton twirling champion, plays several sports and is active in her church group. She is an outstanding role model for the young women of Rappahannock County.

Courtney King is crowned Teen Miss Rappahannock by Kyndle Turley. From left are second runner-up Emily Perry, first runner-up Bethany Baldwin and second runner-up (tie) Kayla Danielle McGhee. Photo by Ray Boc.

The over-20 category for Ms. Rappahannock was created at the request of women in the community and was a welcome addition to the event. The winner was Katie Burke, a dispatcher with the sheriff’s office and the only female firefighter in the Sperryville Volunteer Fire Department. Burke was sponsored by the members of that department.

The Sperryville Volunteer Rescue Squad has an excellent record for response to calls and has experienced an increase in membership. As in any volunteer organization, new applicants are always needed. They will receive training to serve the community. Please step forward if you would like to become part of the team.

2010 Winners

Baby Miss Rappahannock (age 0-11 months)
Winner: Adrianna Madison-Starr Lee
1st Runner-up: Emily Renee Wines
2nd Runner-up: Taylor Leighann Waddell

Wee Miss Rappahannock (age 1-3)
Winner: Mackenzie Mardeusz
1st Runner-up: Taylor Lillard
2nd Runner-up (tie): Jennifer Marie Wines & Taylor Pullen

Tiny Miss Rappahannock Jordyn Faith Woodward is crowned by Carrington Wayland and Clarissa Rutherford. Looking on, from left, are second runner-up Taryn Bristol Williams, first runner-up Allison Wharton, and second runner-up (tie) Caitlyn Jernigan with father Del Jernigan. Photo by Ray Boc.

Tiny Miss Rappahannock (age 4-6)
Winner: Jordyn Faith Woodward
1st Runner-up: Allison Wharton
2nd Runner-up (tie): Caitlyn Jernigan & Taryn Bristol Williams

Little Mister Rappahannock (age 2-7)
Winner: Ryan Jenkins
1st Runner-up: Chase Wharton

Little Miss Rappahannock (age 7-9 )
Winner: Carrington Grace Wayland
1st Runner-up: Courtney Ann Dodson
2nd Runner-up: Casey Lynn Woodward

Rappahannock Mother/Child
Winner: Sherry and Courtney King
1st Runner-up: Brandy and Mackenzie Mardeusz
2nd Runner-up: Ashleigh and Emily Baldwin

Miss Rappahannock Siblings
Winner: Rosanna Reed and Kathy Masters
1st Runner-up: Karley, Chase, and Sydney Wharton
2nd Runner-up: Brandon & Clayton Baldwin

Ms. Rappahannock (20 and older)
Winner: Katie Burke
1st Runner-up: Sherri Lynn Baldwin
2nd Runner-up: Kendra Frazier

Miss Rappahannock Friends (all ages)
Winner: Alexandra Phillips and Carrington Wayland
1st Runner-up: Courtney King and Emily Perry
2nd Runner-up: Amber Smoot and Shadow Jenkins

Jr. Teen Miss Rappahannock (age 10-12 )
Winner: Brianna Settle
1st Runner-up: Stephany Baldwin
2nd Runner-up: Taylor Callahan

Miss Teen Rappahannock (age 13-15)
Winner: Courtney King
1st Runner-up: Bethany Baldwin
2nd Runner-up (tie): Kayla Danielle McGhee & Emily Perry

Miss Rappahannock (age 16-19)
Winner: Megan Noelle Early
1st Runner-up: Allie Dore
2nd Runner-up (tie): Candace Michelle Rutherford and Brittany Nicole Cooke