Great weather and riders for Hunter Pace

Photo by Chris Doxzen.

The Rappahannock Hunt’s Hunter Pace Races took place under bright sunny skies Saturday. The McNears of Gid Brown Hollow hosted the event.

Congratulations go to the Hunter Pace winners: Julia Bayliss (Snickersville)/Todd Kern (Snickersville) in Fast Time; Sophia Vella (Warrenton)/Susan Hohman (Bull Run) in Junior Optimum; Jenn Stewart (Fairfax)/Marion Stewart (Fairfax) in Adult Optimum; Jane Braswell (MOC)/Caroline Aquino (Orange County) on the Flat; Maryann Ghadban/Sally Pennington in the Open Over Fences; and Jamie Barry/Patty Debearn in the Open Flat.

These riders are enormously talented equestrians and we celebrate their achievements. The Hunter Pace Races have been held for many a year here in beautiful Rappahannock, a county steeped in rich equestrian traditions. Beautiful venues for Hunter Pace events have included Thornton Hill, Elmwood and the McNears’ Greenwood. The last lies deep in Rappahannock Hunt territory, and as far back as the early 1900s D. Lyle Miller of Hilltop was known to hack out at 4 a.m., destination Sperryville, to go foxhunting with the Rappahannok Hunt. These are folks, made legendary, who’ve passed on to later generations much passion for the sport, endurance and discipline.

The course at Greenwood was spectacular, lush and green with signature Rappahannock views, so breathtakingly beautiful, grass billowing in the soft wind, and complemented by the sound of pounding hoofs gave entrants and observers alike a reason to smile. Sadly, as we all know, equestrian events sometimes involve injuries and death. Kathy Broadus’ beautiful gelding died over the finish line, doing what he loved best in life, galloping over hill and dale in the beautiful outdoors. He had a good run, Dr. Broadus said — and yes, he did.

Up on the silo observation deck, Rappahannock Hunt MFH Oliver Brown and host Jeanie McNear chat during a break. Photo by Chris Doxzen.

We applaud, always, the run, the skill of the winners and all the entrants. The Hunter Pace events showcase our gifted riders astride their magical mounts and we congratulate you for your hard work, your passion for the sport and your contribution to our beloved equestrian world.

Chris Green
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