Letter: Caring about the environment

In the April 8 edition of the Rappahannock News, Robert Alcott of Washington wrote a most appropriate letter to the editor [“What happened to pride?“] regarding the trash along Rappahannock roads. Kudos are in order for his thoughts. Praise also goes to Nick Riedel, a 13-year-old student, who wrote an article on March 18 regarding the disrespect some people show by littering the roadways.

Last year on April 9 I wrote an article on the subject. In it I recognized a lady, whom I do not know, for cleaning up trash along Richmond Road from Ben Venue to Laurel Mills Road. This year she is back out there week after week, although I wonder if residents appreciate her efforts. Last year, a neighbor and I filled to the brim 37 VDOT orange bags with beer cans, fast food containers, plastic bags, etc., from the point where the Richmond Road lady stopped.

I believe that most Rappahannock residents speak glowingly about the vistas nature has provided for us to enjoy. But how many enjoying these vistas are driving or walking along roadways and private property littered with trash? Nature did not create the trash — people did.

Mr. Alcott asks “What happened to pride?” From my perspective, the key word is caring. We either care or we do not. It is obvious who cares about their own property and those who do not. One only has to look at an unkempt property containing abandoned vehicles, discarded and useless items and other junk that should go to the landfill.

Is it not a logical deduction that those people who do not respect both private property and public property have no respect for their own property? They do not care. Therein is the reason for the lack of pride.

Clinton E. De Busk

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