Love, and a lovely day, conquers all

By Jean Lillard
The weather was cool and a little windy on Saturday but the 280 runners, walkers, and baby carriage pushers who crossed the finish line of the 32nd running of the Fodderstack 10K Classic didn’t seem to mind the “coolerness.”

Chuck Love of Madison, Va., overall winner in 2009, won again this year with a better time.

The Eva Smith Memorial Award, which goes to the first man and woman full-time Rappahannock residents to cross the finish line – went to repeat winners Lilly Strange and Alex Ramey.

It is now over three decades since Eva Smith, who worked in the clerk of courts office, first suggested the race to clerk Diane Bruce as a way to raise funds for a park. The rest is history. This is the only fundraiser each year for the Rappahannock County Park Facilities Authority, and it has proven to be a very successful event.

This was the third year for the presentation of the Ike and Quita Parrish Family Award. Mr. and Mrs. Parrish were very active in the Rappahannock community. They raised four sports-loving children who have run the Fodderstack.

Mrs. Parrish was always at the finish line to cheer for her children and grandchildren. Merrill Parrish Strange has quite a few Eva Smith plates and Lilly Strange is hitting her own stride win multiple wins.

This year the Mervyn Jeffries family won the Parrish Award. Dr. Jeffries, his daughter and her husband have run since 1999. In 2007, Team Jeffries had a dozen runners participating.

The Inn at Little Washington has been the event’s major sponsor since the 14th running of the Fodderstack. They generously pay for the T-shirts given to the runners.

A new local runner, Gavin Jenkins, 11, of Flint Hill, came in 24th overall, blowing away his competition in the 12 and under category. His father, Mark, an excellent runner in his own right, has taken home many wins including the Eva Smith Memorial Award. It was good to see him back in the race this year.

The Fodderstack is considered a wonderful success story by organizers for several reasons: The first is, of course, the wonderful support received from local businesses and families year after year.

Secondly, there are many volunteers who help put on the race apart from the race committee. Some of them have to be ready to register runners at 7:30 a.m. or set up the finish line in the early hours of the morning now that the race at 9 a.m. The race organizers have become a large family that works well together.

Lastly, people love to run this race because of the beautiful countryside they see along the Fodderstack’s 6.2 mile course. Despite the relatively short course, the race is ranked as one of the toughest courses in Virginia.

The money raised each year goes to improving the Rappahannock County Park in Washington. The park consists of six acres donated to the Rappahannock County Recreation Association by Col. Earl Holmes of Flint Hill on July 15, 1974. In 1982, the association gave the park to Rappahannock County.

A grant obtained from the Virginia Outdoor Foundation was used to build the pavilion and bath facilities as well as purchase picnic tables. The Rappahannock Women’s Club donated money for playground equipment. Local craftsmen donated their time to build the playground’s pirate ship and castle. Picnic tables and BBQ pits with tables were installed by the Rush River. Later, two tennis courts, a basketball court, and a horseshoe pit were added. A paved skateboard area was put in a few years ago.

The park is continually improved thanks to the generous support received each year from the Fodderstack 10-K Classic race.

2010 Race Winners


OVERALL: 1st, Chuck Love – 36:42; 2nd, Leif Van Acker – 41:33; 3rd, Alex Ramey – 41:51

12 years & under: 1st, Gavin Jenkins – 46:55; 2nd, Nikolas Patton – 71:33; 3rd, Conner Culbertson – 74:31; 4th Justin Ramey – 81:54

13-18 years: 1st, Leif Van Acker – 41:33; 2nd, Reed Love – 43:42; 3rd, Isaac Berry – 44:09

19-24 years: 1st, Alex Ramey – 41:51; 2nd, Christopher Wall, Jr – 42:27; Anthony O’Neil – 42:47

25-29 years: 1st, Joshua Burgess – 48:03; 2nd, Matthew Eastham – 48:30; 3rd, Jesse Von Fange – 51:16

30-34 years: 1st, Timothy Barron – 45:59; 2nd, Clark Smith – 50:30; 3rd, Jonathan Moore – 52:50

35-39 years: 1st, Michael Dunn – 44:59; 2nd, Javaun Moradi – 45:29; 3rd, Mark Jaquays – 52:44

40-44 years: 1st, James Matthews – 45:35; 2nd, Scott Ruffner – 47:33; 3rd, Jeffrey Russell – 50:09

45-49 years: 1st, Matthew Barazia – 42:23; 2nd, Gary Light 44:37; 3rd, Joel McKenzie – 46:43

50-54 years: 1st, Rob Davies – 42:03; 2nd, Lyndon Pittinger – 43:50; 3rd, Kevin Raney – 45:41

55-59 years: 1st, Steven Dunn – 47:08; 2nd, Mark Ramey – 49:52; 3rd, Matt Van Hook – 55:56

60-64 years: 1st, Robert Ring – 51:07; 2nd, Art Silverman -52:22; 3rd, Jim Avila – 53:49

65-69 years: 1st, Lloyd Blackwell – 50:50; 2nd Ed Grainger – 58:04; 3rd Butch Proctor – 59:37

70-74 years: 1st, Douglas Morris – 52:00; 2nd, Talbot Mack – 55:51; 3rd, Patrick Coady – 59:20

75-79 years: 1st, Robert Gurtler – 70:41; 2nd, Allen Holt – 73:47; 3rd, Raymond Maguire – 78:03

80 years & over: 1st: Mervyn Jeffries – 67:38


OVERALL: 1st, Johanna Scott 42:10; 2nd, Phyllis Strange – 44:50; 3rd, Miranda Forte – 46:40

12 years & under: 1st, Alyssa Hamilton – 60:05; 2nd, Skylar Culbertson – 64:44; 3rd, Emma Fidler – 66:56; 4th Ashlyn Ramey – 71:39

13-18 years: 1st, Carly Day – 50:17; 2nd, Abigael Whitaker – 52:18; 3rd, Brooke Hatcher – 56:15

19-24 years: 1st, Amy Burgess – 48:06; 2nd, Emma Van Hook – 48:33: 3rd, Katie Church – 53:35

25-29 years: 1st, Phyllis Strange – 44:50; 2nd, Miranda Forte – 46:40; 3rd, Rachel Thompson – 49:08

30-34 years: 1st, Laura Layden – 51:57; 2nd, Heather MacMahon – 52:59; 3rd, Sara Van Allman – 54:07

35-39 years: 1st, Angela McCafferty – 47:34; 2nd, Stephanie Hendrick – 51:14; 3rd, Stephanie Pross -54:31

40-44 years: 1st, Lydia Pelliceia – 47:05; 2nd, Monika Bachmann – 51:13; 3rd, Ashley Matthews – 54:51

45-49 years: 1st, Lesa Townsend – 53:04; 2nd, Kerri Fisher – 53:26; 3rd, Tara Neuman – 57:45

50-54 years: 1st, Jeanne McDonald – 57:39; 2nd, Cathie Cummins – 58:52; 3rd, Page Fisher – 59:11

55-59 years: 1st, Ginny Hughes – 55:00; 2nd Karen Knuepfer – 58:56; 3rd Jane Smith – 61:40

60-64 years: 1st, Merrill Strange – 66:31; 2nd, Irene Gluck – 69:39; 3rd, Anne Kerr – 77:26

65-69 years: 1st, Margaret West – 66:52

70-74 years: 1st, Helen Walker – 90:44; 2nd, Sharon Kilpatrick – 106:06

75 years & over: 1st JoAn Getzinger

THE EVA SMITH MEMORIAL: Phyllis (Lilly) Strange and Alex Ramey – first male and female from Rapphannock County to cross the finish line.


2010 Prize/Drawing Winners

1. Rappahannock Cellars – wine tasting tour for 8 – Mervyn Jeffries

2. Rappahannock Cellars – wine tasting tour for 8 – Ewen Wilson

3. 24 Crows – lunch for two – Huck Pace

4. The Country Café – gift certificate – Justin Ramey

5. The Beauty Box – gift certificate – Margaret Lee

6. Rappahannock News – one-year subscription – Jeff Smith

7. Piedmont Virginian – magazine subscription – Max Fidler and one friend

8. Glassworks Gallery – suncatchers – Rob Parrish, Renate Shields, Joyce Bolyard, Steve Eastham, Hampton Massie

9. On The Run Sports/Iron City Hot Dog Shop – Neil Kirr, David Schenck, Tim Kerr, Susan Fidler, Doug Morris, Skylar Culbertson

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