Editorial: Eye of the Beholder

Photo by Randy Litzinger/Fauquier Times-Democrat

No, it’s not installation art.

The clear-cutting, the digging, and the constructing are almost done in the county’s far northeastern corner for the new power transmission line — the wisdom of which had been debated and litigated for more than two years. There’s no longer debating the facts on the ground, however: Virginia Dominion Power and its partner, Allegheny Power, won.

It wasn’t a clean victory; where the line runs now was not where Dominion had originally proposed. The new transmission line follows an existing right-of-way already controlled by Dominion, which made this particular route more difficult to fight.

The Rappahannock County landowners within the rising power towers’ sight-lines are left with this resulting picture. And this particular picture is worth more than a thousand words, a lot more, certainly more than are printed each week in the Rappahannock News.

So we’ll let the picture speak for itself and make no further comment, except to say:

The picture might somehow be prettier if the power to be transmitted from the Ohio Valley to Northern Virginia came not from coal-fired plants but, instead, from Boone Pickens’s proposed wind farms or some other form of clean energy generation.

Walter Nicklin