Let a thousand artists bloom

If there is any doubt that spring has arrived in Rappahannock County, look at all the blooms: Not just on the verdant landscape but inside, where art inspired by the landscape blooms.

Take what are probably the two littlest galleries in Little Washington, Ice House Gallery and Geneva Welch Gallery, both on Main Street. The two galleries’ proprietors, Linda Lawler and Geneva Welch, are collaborating to put on a special exhibit called, fittingly enough, “Little Galleries — Little Artworks.” The “small works exhibition” runs May 8 to May 30. For more information, call 540-675-3332 or 540-675-3039.

Meanwhile, also in Washington, at the corner of Gay and Porter Streets, the Six Pack Gallery presents “Fresh Paint” — a show of all new, bold works by the Six Pack artists; it opened April 29 and runs through June. Hours are 12:30 to 7 Thursday through Sunday. An artists reception is 2 to 5 p.m. this Saturday (May 1). Refreshments will be served. Call Cinema Paradiso at 540-675-3410 for more information.

Among the artists at Six Pack are Janet Brome, Linda Tarry, Christopher Stephens and Jeanne Drevas.

Drevas also plays a leading role in the “Know Your Place” Mother’s Day Art Exhibition at Firnew Farm in Madison County. A natural materials artist, Drevas has lived in her handbuilt house in Rappahannock County for 36 years and shares the newly designed exhibition space in the silo at Firnew Farm with Charlottesville photographer Robert Llewellyn. Both artists take something small and common and make it large and extraordinary.

The silo installation, according to exhibition organizer Trish Crowe, “is guaranteed to delight and inspire. Jeanne’s works are a creative process. With a group of artists she encourages them to explore with child-like wonder the use of naturally abundant materials. The work takes on a life of its own. It is all-sensory. It is larger than life. It is aromatic and includes sounds. The sheer physicality inspires a sense of awe.”

Drevas’s spirit of community mirrors that of the Firnew Farm Artists’ Circle itself, which this year is initiating an annual high school arts scholarship, the Tucker Hill Legacy Scholarship. The “Know Your Place” show will be open to the public May 7-9 and by appointment until May 30. Call 540-718-0370 or check out the blog at thestudiofirnewfarm.blogspot.com for more information.

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