Letter: Rappahannock on my mind

On Saturday (April 24), the “Across the Years” Reunion was held at the Link for the graduates of Rappahannock County High School. What a wonderfully planned event it was; the food was delicious, expertly prepared and served with wide smiles and friendly faces. It was truly heartwarming to see so many of my former classmates, teachers and friends; all who seem to have aged like a fine red wine. Great job to all who planned the event! I hope this becomes an annual affair.

Speaking of red wine; I enjoyed “The Tasting Room” piece featured in the paper a couple of weeks ago. I for one love our region’s “Mom and Pop” wineries and take great pride and satisfaction in being able to purchase a truly handcrafted bottle of wine that I won’t find on the shelf of my local grocery store. I’ll take my business to “Mom and Pop” every time; they make true Virginia wine.

I also would like to comment on the April 22 letter regarding litter and “caring about our environment” I too am saddened by the amount of trash I see strewn along our highways and secondary roads; I consider littering an indictment on a person’s IQ. If a person is dumb enough to drink a can of beer while driving down the road is it that surprising the person would toss the empty out the window?

I do not however consider the person with an “unkempt” yard or maybe a junk car on their property the prime suspect. A quick inventory of the litter and trash on our roadsides will reveal mostly “imported” trash, most likely imported by out-of-county “passersthrough.” I personally have a few useless items in my yard and have even had a junk car, but I have never, ever thrown even a gum wrapper out the window.

One fact can be agreed on though: Littering is an ignorant act of ignorant people. Simple as that.

Mark Raiford

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