Shelley is a playful, lovable, wormy-squirmy six-month-old kitten. She is not of the aggressive, fearless type; rather she is jumpy and inquisitive, yet cautious. She will play and engage with other cats but is also submissive She would be a good kitten for a very young child who wants to play and carry her around. She would likely do better as an only cat at first (or as one of two in her own age group) to build up her self-esteem. She plays with everything and runs around the house like crazy. Shelley’s adoptive parents would need to “child-proof” (kitten-proof) their home, have lots of cat toys and be happy to play with her.

RappCats is an all-volunteer non-profit organization that helps stray, abused, abandoned and unwanted cats in Rappahannock County. If they’re old enough, all our cats are current on their shots and have been spayed/neutered. We are also in constant need of foster homes to care for cats awaiting adoption. For more information or to adopt, contact us at 540-987-8099 or rappcats@rappcats.org.

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