Historical markers, and that’s just for starters

Photo by Chris Ubben

If you haven’t noticed them yet, and you’d be hard-pressed not to, there are two brand spanking new historical markers down at the foot of the mountain right across from the Appalachian Inn.

For you newer folks the Appalachian Inn is that large white building with the little shop next to it with all the cars there at the foot of the mountain right on the Warren County line. And no, it hasn’t been open for probably 40 years or more, but that’s still its name.

Anyway, back to the markers. They tell the story of the role that the actual gap (hence the name, Chester Gap) through the Blue Ridge Mountains played in the course of the Civil War. There’s two of them, I suppose to give both sides a chance to tell their story – you know, one for the North and one for the South.

I had done some research on my own and knew that hallowed Mosby had been through here several times and that a wintertime crossing had been made by a Confederate army over the mountains via the gap but there was apparently much more action than that. I won’t ruin it for you folks, which means that you’ll just have to stop by and read it for yourselves, but suffice it to say those markers were very interesting and quite eye-opening.

I strongly encourage you to take the time to read them and then perhaps to follow up on some of the information you learn from them. I know that I’ve already started to do that very thing myself. It is in a very special place that we live and you never know just what you may find!

Why don’t we have one?!

You know, those markers brought up a question for me that I’d asked a long time ago and no one has ever been able to answer for me. Why is it, friends, that we, here in the most heavily populated village in the whole county of Rappahannock, do not have our own “Welcome to Chester Gap” sign? I mean Flint Hill has one, Sperryville, Amissville, Washington and even Woodville – well, why not us too?

It was once told to me that it was ’cause we didn’t have a town/village board or assembly but that can’t be true ’cause neither does any of the other villages, except for Washington.

I know that we have only one church and one store but we do have the most population per square mile and that has to count. I wonder how we go about getting a sign erected? Perhaps one on either end of the loop down there, one on the Warren County side and one on the Rappahannock County side.

I think we’ve earned it and it’s about time we stood out a little more and got some more recognition than just that poor little green highway sign can give! Perhaps its time that the community/fire department held another public meeting?

Please let me know your thoughts friends, my email address is attached or you can write the editor a letter; shoot, everyone else does about every little thing, so why not? Anyway, friends, that’s just my view from up here; God bless ya and keep you till next time.