Letter: The good, the sad and the . . .

Reading this past week’s Rappahannock News was an emotional experience for me. It made me sad, made me mad, and it made me smile. I guess that means the paper is doing its job.

A couple of stories made me sad. I had not heard about the passing of Claybert Smoot until I read the story. He was one of the finest gentlemen I knew in Rappahannock and he represented the traditional way of mountain life to me. He was wise in many ways. I will miss seeing him and will cherish our many conversations over the years.

I bought Mr. Claybert’s old Ford truck about 12 years ago and it is still going strong.

It makes me think of him and how much I respected him.

It was sad also to find out that the Lom-Bar-Dy was destroyed. I stopped by there occasionally and always had a tasty meal. And I never went by there that I didn’t smile at its miniature stature and the fact that it had survived for so long while so many other eateries had come and gone. That is a testament to the hard work of the Pullen and the Poe families. Yep, another “icon” gone.

What made me mad in the News was the quoted behavior of Roger Cordani and Tom Junk who didn’t get their way at the supervisors meeting. Cordani threw a fit. There is a lot of that going around, you know. There are people who are basically unhappy with the results of living in a democracy. If they don’t like the outcome of an election, or a vote, or the details of a bill, they resort to childish behavior — whining, threatening, and name-calling. It is one thing to get involved in the issues and state your position. That is the behavior of a responsible citizen. But when things don’t go your way, take your lumps and understand that the majority disagreed with you.

Cordani and Junk are the ones who should be apologizing. Mr. Junk got thumped at the polls when he ran last year, and now he is quoted as saying, “This Board should be ashamed of themselves!” No, Tom, it ain’t them who should feel embarrassed.

Now. I like Jim Gannon and respect his career in journalism. But he has become about as objective on these matters as Mr. Junk. All one has to do is read the lead of his story — “The Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors, in a tense, at times stormy meeting, approved the School Board’s $11.5 million budget Monday after narrowly defeating an effort by two supervisors to allocate how the money is spent.”

Well Jim, there are only five supervisors. All you need is three votes. There were two supervisors for it. They were one short. Any time there are two votes and you need three there is going to be a “narrow defeat.” Rather than the outcome depending on Chris Parrish, it depended on all five of the supervisors. That may not be common sense in Iowa, or Ohio, or New Jersey, but it is common sense around Rappahannock.

Ben Jones
Harris Hollow,

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