Washington: A legacy lives on in Rappahannock County

A small crowd joined Rev. Jon Heddleston, left, and Rev. Phil Bailey, second from left, for a National Prayer Day ceremony on May 6 around the flagpole at the courthouse. Photo by Jan Clatterbuck.

Our deepest sympathy goes to family of Ester Settle. Ester passed away on Monday (May 10) after a long battle with cancer. She devoted so much of her life helping others with cancer and also raising money to find a cure.
She was a loyal friend of the highest principles and values who would smile and always would listen. She loved Rappahannock County, its people and her heritage. She adored her family.

She reached out to people diagnosed with cancer even while undergoing treatments herself over the years. There were times she would stop by the office and we would share things with each other that really helped both of us get through difficult periods in our lives. I can truly say that Ester was an inspiration to me, helping me to cope with the loss of my mother to cancer.

The Relay for Life is this weekend, May 15 and 16. What better way to honor our dear friend Ester’s memory than to come out and support her passion in seeking a cure for cancer.

Her legacy will live on in Rappahannock County in years to come for all the long hours and hard work she spent each day helping to find a cure.

Those of us who have known Ester over the years are experiencing a vast emptiness in our lives right now, but her spirit will live on and continue to touch each of us in many ways as we live with memories of her in our hearts.
I will miss Ester, but she will be close by in my heart always.

National Prayer Day

A small crowd, but big hearts gathered around the flagpole at the courthouse on Gay Street in Washington at noon May 6 to participate in the country’s annual observance of the National Day of Prayer.

Rev. Jon Heddleston, pastor of Sperryville’s Reynolds Memorial Baptist Church read verses from the Bible and led prayers for our nation, government, military, education, church and family.

The National Day of Prayer is held on the first Thursday in May. People of different faiths are encouraged to pray for the country.

Patty Hottinger and pre-K students at Rappahannock County Elementary School had a Mother's Day Tea Party on May 7.

Tea Party

In celebration of Mother’s Day on Sunday (May 9), Patty Hottinger and pre-K students at Rappahannock County Elementary School had a tea party for their moms. Each of the 14 students gave mom a photo of themselves in a beautiful frame. The students also gave their moms a plant they grew from a seed.

What could be sweeter for Mother’s Day than getting a photo of your little one.

Kathy Jenkins from Sperryville said that her son, Lynnwood reminded her two times on Friday morning “not to forget the tea party today.”

All the children were excited about giving their mom a tea party.