Chester Gap: You did it once, let’s do it again!

First I’d like to congratulate you folks on your prayers and support for our own Jimmy Wines. I’m very happy to report that he has made some great progress and has been taken off the ventilator.

Now, though, I’d like to ask you to show that same faith and to pray for native son Clevie Williams. Clevie, as you may recall, is the son of Rufus and Hazel Williams, and while he has since moved to Front Royal he will always be one of us. Clevie, I’m sad to report friends, has come down with a very serious case of cancer and while the doctors are doing their best, I put my faith in the Lord more than in the medicine.

With that very thought in mind friends I ask you to please take a moment and pray if you would for Clevie that he might have his health restored and also for his family who are so very worried about him as might be expected. I have no doubt that it was prayer, your prayers, that helped Jimmy to once again be able to breath on his own and I have no doubt that if we can just show that same faith again that God will work a miracle through Clevie and restore his health to him.

Chester Gap sign, Part II

I’d like to thank Arthur Candenquist of Amissville for his email on how Amissville got its welcome sign. It was informative and helpful, to say the least. There has been a good bit of interest expressed about the possibility of gathering some donations from the community and erecting our own signs at the two entrances to the mountain. So much so that the topic will be broached and addressed at the June 6 meeting of the Chester Gap Fire Department.

While the main issue of a possible new construction will be the main focus of the meeting, there should also be ample time to kick the sign idea around. After all, they will essentially represent us all, and anyone wishing to express ideas has a right to be heard. So friends, please make it a point to come out at 2 p.m. Sunday, June 6, and not only look over the fire department’s building plans but also voice any ideas that you might have about just what our sign should, or perhaps should not, look like.