Soapbox Derby hopes

It is the second largest soapbox derby in the world: one track, 135 drivers, three champions, and not one engine.

“It doesn’t have a motor, it runs on gravity,” Thom Pellikaan explains, describing the soapbox derby car that arrives on the doorstep of each driver as a kit to be assembled personally. “And all the soapbox derby cars, when they leave the starting gates, weigh exactly the same.” […]


The Rapp

A Rappahannock Fourth in Sperryville (and a patriotic reading in Washington), plus news of two wineries’ achievements with Google and the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. […]


Local horsewoman injured in fall; benefit this Sunday

A farm accident a month ago nearly claimed the life of longtime Virginia horsewoman Tinker Lyman. A benefit auction and dinner is planned Sunday, June 27 near Culpeper, a party Lyman says she expects to attend. “I’m thankful for the chance,” she said in a recent interview. “I’m completely humbled by the outpouring of support from the community, my friends and family.” […]


REC switch inspires dim views

Change doesn’t always come easy as new customers of Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC) have found. The 51,000 former customers of Allegheny Power, including about 4,700 in Rappahannock County, became customers of the cooperative June 1 […]

School/Education News

A twofer, and other RCHS successes

Double your education, double your fun! Those old ads for Doublemint gum come to mind when reporting on Rappahannock’s Riggleson sisters, Krista Marie and Ashley Reta.

Ashley Reta was the valedictorian in this year’s graduating class from Rappahannock County High School (RCHS). That honor goes to the student with the highest grade point average.

School/Education News

Superintendent Chappell receives sendoff

Some 125 friends, family, and Rappahannock County Public Schools board members and staff gathered to honor and express gratitude to Dr. Robert (Bob) Chappell for his 44 years as an educator.

Chappell retired as superintendent of Rapphannock schools at the completion of the 2009-2010 school year. […]


Sperryville: Another stellar fire department parade

A very, very special “thank you” goes out to all who participated in the Sperryville Volunteer Fire Department parade Friday evening (June 18). This was a joyous evening that gave us the opportunity to thank those who, day in and day out, risk their lives to save ours. […]


A peach of a crop expected in Virginia this year

After a mid-June survey of major peach growers around the state, the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) has high expectations for a very good peach crop this year. From Cana to Winchester and from Charlottesville to Rappahannock, growers say the peach harvest is looking promising.

“All the growers that I know say it’s looking good this year,” said Roy Alther, who with wife Janet runs Roy’s Orchard, just off U.S. 211 at Old Hollow Road, and who grows peaches, apples, cherries and plums. […]

Washington Column

Washington: Jail trustees keep garden growing

Rappahannock County Sheriff Connie Smith decided in April to start a garden on the Carrigan property behind the courthouse that is now owned by the county.

“The work is being done by the trustees of the jail,” said Smith. “The whole effort will save money on the food cost for the inmates, but it will also teach some skills to the inmates. The inmates have been incredibly excited to be working in the garden and watching it grow.” […]

Clark Hollow Ramblings

REC communiques give readers a jolt

I suppose by now you have seen the fliers and advertisements welcoming you as a new “owner” of Rappahannock Electric Cooperative. Congratulations, all around. Pretty nice ads, don’t you think? Here is some free advice: When someone welcomes you as a new owner of something you didn’t shop for, didn’t want, didn’t buy and had no hand in deciding that you were going to be a new owner, you might want to be a wee bit skeptical.

Have you received and read your new Residential Membership Service Contract with REC? I just did, and I have a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. […]

Letters to the Editor

Letter: A truly memorable Fourth of July

I’ve experienced some very special Fourths of July. I grew up in small-town Hannibal, Mo., where the Fourth is the centerpiece of National Tom Sawyer Days. With its parade, fence-painting contests, Tom Sawyer and Becky Thatcher lookalike pageants and raft races, no wonder my sister calls it “Americana on steroids.” […]


Editorial: Oil spill on the Thornton

The kingfishers that flit along the Thornton, Hazel and other tributaries of the upper Rappahannock are not brown pelicans. The river mussels are mere distant cousins (multiple times removed) from saltwater oysters. And freshwater crayfish […]

View From Massies Corner

Column: Earth, wind, fire . . . spirits

Most farmers in Rappahannock County farm their land by selling grass. Not the kind of grass that President Clinton didn’t inhale, the kind of grass that cows eat. The cows eat the grass and produce […]


Book Review: The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood

After reading the latest novel by Man Booker Prize winner and prolific author Margaret Atwood I know that the natural food movement has arrived! “The Year of the Flood” offers the reader a dystopian society in the future when all our worst tendencies, from genetically engineered plants and animals to overconsumption and overmedication, reach their logical conclusions.

Down Memory Lane

Down Memory Lane

50 years ago June 23, 1960 The Boy Scouts cleared $13.30 at the bake sale held Saturday. Proceeds will go toward tents for the troop. Those present at the bake sale were Scouts Ned Moffett […]

Letters to the Editor

Letter: Need homeless cat data

RappCats, a volunteer organization working to help homeless cats in the county, is seeking the community’s assistance. We need to understand and document the magnitude and scope of the stray cat problem. This information will […]


Wolfpack wins first match of the summer

The Wolpack U-13 rugby team started the season off strong with a 107-0 victory over Fort Hunt, Saturday in Alexandria.
“Everybody scored a try,” said head coach Greg Hicks. “D’montae (Noble) and Gregory (Hicks) tried to make sure everyone got a chance to score.” […]