Rapp Facts

The Thornton is one of three rivers that come together at Rock Mills. Photo by Gary Anthes.

Did you know that . . . Rock Mills was the site of a holding camp for Confederate deserters rounded up in the area during the Civil War? There once were mills, stores and a post office at Rock Mills, but today it’s just a few houses.

And rivers: Rock Mills is River Central for the county. The Covington and Rush join to form a bigger and better Rush, which a few yards downstream joins the Thornton to become a bulked-up Thornton. Two bridges span the Thornton and Rush at Rock Mills, one of the most beautiful and rugged places in the county.

For more fun facts, including maps, letters and records documenting the county’s role in the Civil War, stop by the little red brick building at 328 Gay St. in Washington. Everyone, especially the families of Civil War veterans, are welcome and encouraged to become members of the Historical Society.

Rappahannock Historical Society
328 Gay St., Washington, Va. 22747