Guest Editorial: Goodbye, hello

The Rappahannock Voice was started as an experiment in local online journalism in the fall of 2006. It has served the community with local news and commentary for nearly four years.

Thanks to those of you who tuned in.

At the time I launched RappVoice, I did not believe that the community was adequately served by the local weekly newspaper, the Rappahannock News. Important stories were going unreported and important topics were not explored and discussed. RappVoice tried to fill some of that gap while providing a more timely reporting of news events than a weekly newspaper can provide.

As a journalistic experiment, I believe it has been a success. As a business venture, not so much. As a hobby or avocation, it is a more demanding mistress than I care to live with at this stage of my life. So RappVoice will go quiet now.

Under its new local ownership and editor, the Rappahannock News can serve the news needs of the county quite well, I believe, and it is my hope and expectation that the newspaper will find new ways to serve readers on the web as well as in print. So I am content to turn the task over to them now.

I have been a writer since I was in high school and I don’t expect to quit writing now. But it will be in other forums and perhaps on many topics that have little to do with Rappahannock County. RappVoice doesn’t seem to be the place for all that, so I have created a new online venue to serve as an outlet for my reporting and observations.

You will find my new outlet at I hope some of you will stay in touch with me there. Thanks to all you loyal RappVoice readers.

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James P. Gannon is a retired journalist who lives near Flint Hill. In his newspaper career, he served as a reporter and bureau chief at The Wall Street Journal, as Editor of The Des Moines Register in Iowa, and as Washington Bureau Chief for the Detroit news and a columnist for the Gannett newspapers.