Sperryville: Your fire department needs you

Support and enjoy the Sperrville Volunteer Fire Department Carnival June 16-19 with your family and friends. The fire department has hosted the carnival for more than 60 years, even though it has barely more than broken even over the last few years. The SVFD was founded in 1947 and the carnival started not long after, according to Walter Jenkins, the oldest known active member.
The SVFD continues to sponsor it more now as a labor of love for the residents and visitors who look forward to it each year, but more financial support would be welcome. Let’s make this year a different year — show your support so the department can raise some money aside from the big Fourth of July event. You can show your support by buying a box supper — Michelle’s famous fried chicken this year — or a raffle ticket (or two or three or more), or donate baked goods so the proceeds can all go to the SVFD. Watch the Crowning of the Queen or just go and have a good time, spend lots of money and support the SFVD so they can continue the carnival for another 60-plus years.

Kids, clay and fiber

Together this means tons of fun in Sperryville this summer. How lucky we are to live in such a place! What a great venue for children’s imaginations to be allowed to flourish. Pottery Camp is now joined by Knit Camp. Let your children (ages 5-15) get their creative style going at either Pottery Camp (July 26-30 or Aug. 2-6 from 9 to 1) or Knit Camp (July 26-30 from 1 to 4). For pottery, call Suzanne at 540-987-1000; for knitting, call Rebecca at 540-987-8251.

Good citizens

Part of being a good citizen is obeying speed limits to help ensure the safety of your neighbors, both human and animal alike. Hopefully you are driving slowly down Main Street and have read the sign (thank you, Elizabeth Lee!) reminding us to “please drive 25.” That is the maximum allowable speed limit on Main Street, and 35 is the maximum allowable on U.S. 522 until you get east almost to the cemetery. Residents and visitors walk (many times with children or dogs), run, bike and otherwise enjoy our lovely village. Please help them enjoy rather than fear strolling along the roads. And if you see someone trying the cross the road, please do stop and let them.

Martin Woodard relaxes with his new chum, Vinnie. Photo by Gail Swift.

Vinnie is home

It is always so very nice to share stories with happy endings. Vinnie, a shelter dog at Ragged Mountain Dogs (www.ragmtk9.org), had been given up at six months of age because he “had too much energy” for the family who had adopted him. For two years he searched for “his person,” never finding him until that magical day three weeks ago. Still mourning the loss of their darling Lance, Cheri and Martin Woodard realized the void in their life needed to be filled and started looking for a new companion, first searching websites. Lo and behold up popped this dog with a bandana around his neck, looking cute and scruffy. A friend of theirs knew this dog from helping at the shelter, and told them how special he was. Off they went to see Lisa Reid at Ragged Mountain Dogs; they met Vinnie, and the rest is history. If you see a big blue truck with Martin driving, be sure to wave because Vinnie will always be in the front seat where no dog has gone before. Vinnie is working on his real estate license also, studying under Martin (or at least sleeping under his desk). If you meet Vinnie on Main Street when he is on study breaks, you can congratulate him on finally finding his chosen family and wish him well on his real estate ventures.

Party on the deck and party on the patio

Friday, June 11: Watch the sunset and listen to music on the Patio at the Blue Rock.

Sunday, June 13: Join the musical group Magic Kat from 3-6 p.m. on the deck at Thornton River Grille. More good food, good beverage and good friends and music — a nice Sunday afternoon in Sperryville.

Once again, how lucky are we to live in a county with exposure to such a diverse arts community!