Washington: Compliment earns one in return

From left, Linda Cole and Sharon Starr are busy working to keep the front entrance of the Inn at Little Washington looking good. Staff photo/Jan Clatterbuck.

On my daily walks through town each week, I pass by the Inn at Little Washington and I see these two awesome ladies, Sharon Starr and Linda Cole, working away, Starr cleaning on the outside of the Gift Shop and the Norman House and Cole sweeping off the front entrance of The Inn. Last Wednesday, I took the time to stop and tell Starr what a great job she was doing.

With her smile and her Canadian accent, and while she continued working, she thanked me — and then said that I was “doing a great job as well, by walking every day.” Those words were uplifting to me and helped to keep me walking.

These are two of many ladies helping beautify our town by keeping the inn so clean, inside and out. I am sure that owner and chef Patrick O’Connell must be very proud to have these ladies on the staff, as well as the others who work in the housekeeping department.

Baking lessons

Helen Smoot, known to some as Georgie Peach, spent several days with her sister Anna Clatterbuck of Washington over the Memorial Day weekend. On May 29 Georgie Peach gave a lesson on baking homemade bread. A sight to see, indeed. She did not have to measure out any of her ingredients, she knew just what and how much went into making the bread.

Mary Gochenour of Front Royal, known as “the other peach,” was taking everything in. Although she wasn’t really interested in the breadmaking, she was waiting for Georgie Peach to finish and to put it in the oven to bake. Finally the golden loaves came out of the oven and Mary, the other peach, got what she came for: some of the hot bread to eat.

Hair Gallery winners

Kim Nelson announced the latest winners of the Hair Gallery’s drawing for a free haircut at the Main Street establishment. They are Susan Hornbostel, Sperryville; Kat Rosemond, Flint Hill; and Linda Wright, Warrenton.

WVF&R meeting

At the May Washington Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company monthly meeting, Treasurer Mary Collins reported the payoff of the loan on Engine 1. The engine carries a thousand gallons of water with a compressed-air foam system (CAFS) as well as rescue equipment for handling vehicle accidents. Company One is also proud to report that Charles Burke and David Dike have been certified and are available to respond to emergencies as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT).

During the preceding month, Company One responded to nine fire emergencies and 40 medical emergencies, including one that involved extracting a motorist from a vehicle, and two emergencies requiring airlifts. In two accidents, side airbags were considerable factors in protecting the accident victims. The fire company’s next fundraiser breakfast is June 19, and the Thrift Shop is now open.

Congrats to grads

Congratulations to all the Washington area graduates who will be among the Class of 2010 at Rappahannock County High School on Saturday.

Thought for today

In life you will meet many people. All are significant. They deserve your attention and care, even if all you do is smile and say hello.

Members of the Washington Town Council and friends of the late Claudia Mitchell, who, at the time of her death in February, 2009, was a Council member, gathered on the lawn of the Town Hall last Friday for the dedication of a Virginia dogwood tree in her memory. Staff photo/Jan Clatterbuck.