Letter: Loss of innocence

What happened to our peaceful, idyllic county? We have seen an increase in home invasions, drugs and now an attempted murder as a result of an armed robbery.

My friend and neighbor Jack Dillinger did not deserve to be shot by a criminal looking for a quick heist. Whatever he wanted all he had to do was to ask Jack; he probably would have helped him as he has helped so many in this community.

Fortunately he is doing well under the circumstances. In spite of being shot through the forehead, he can speak and move and wants to come home.

Thanks to our wonderful police department, which put all of its resources to the task of arresting a suspect on Saturday morning. May God bless them.

Let’s not get complacent. There is still a cat burglar on the loose. He cuts the window or door screens and then enters to take money or valuables. Even a dog in the house did not stop him from doing his deed on a neighbor some weeks ago.

Take heart, dear friends and neighbors. Enjoy your life out here in this beautiful county, but beware, be careful and above all let’s look out for each other.

A caring resident,

Helga Schweikert

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