Scholarship winners

The United Daughters of the Confederacy, Culpeper Chapter #73, at a special assembly in Culpeper, recognized winning students of scholarship awards.

Representing grade 12 was Austin Burdick, first place winner and recipient of a $1,000 scholarship.

Grades 3 and 4 written essay winners were Abby Cole, first place and Maddison Jackson second place.

Grades 3 and 4 drawings and 50-word essay winners were first place winners Nathaniel Stafford, Corey Settle and Dixie Woodard.

Second place winners were Kyla Ward, Rebecca Jenkins and Lauren Dodd. Third place winners were Darien Beard, Isaac Velasquez and John Shaffer.

All first place winners were awarded $50, second place, $35 and third place, $25.

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  1. I attended this event. It was very interesting. I’m just disappointed that the author that was there was not mentioned in your article. And also there was no photo published although there was a photographer there that took photos. I also noticed that the 12th grade winner received another article including a photo. Is this because he is a Flint Hill resident and the other children are from Culpeper? These children put forth alot of effort, I’m very disappointed in the lack of credit they received. The least you could have done is include their photo. By the way the authors name is Mr. Eric Buckland and the title of his book is Mosby’s Keydet Rangers. I sure hope the journalist that covered this story didn’t make much money because it was a very weak article. And one of the first place winners was Dixie Woodard not Woodward.

    • Ms. Woodard,
      Thank you for correcting the spelling of Dixie’s name, which has been fixed in the article online, and for elaborating on the event. We are a very small staff of a paper that covers Rappahannock County, which I hope goes at least part way to explain why this item did not include most of the students from Culpeper (which does have both a daily and a weekly newspaper of its own), and also why we could not send either a reporter or photographer to cover the event. We often must rely on the organization that held the event to send us information, which I believe is where this report came from. You have my apology for any slights to all of the hard-working students who didn’t get mentioned, and to Mr. Buckland, and my promise that we will try to do better in the future.

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