Washington: Jail trustees keep garden growing

A trusted inmate from the Rappahannock County Jail works to keep the vegetable garden behind the courthouse free of weeds. Staff photo/Jan Clatterbuck.

Rappahannock County Sheriff Connie Smith decided in April to start a garden on the Carrigan property behind the courthouse that is now owned by the county.

“The work is being done by the trustees of the jail,” said Smith. “The whole effort will save money on the food cost for the inmates, but it will also teach some skills to the inmates. The inmates have been incredibly excited to be working in the garden and watching it grow.”

The garden is worked every day for about three to four hours.

I don’t know who is more excited to have the garden, Smith or the inmates.

If you take a look you won’t find a weed in the garden. But you will see cabbage as big as a dinner plate.

I asked Smith what exactly they were going to do with the vegetables that they raise. “Vegetables harvested will be used in the jail for inmates meals, and they will can some” and freeze others, said the sheriff.

“This is the first garden that the jail has planted” during her administration, said Smith.

Vegetables planted include potatoes, tomatoes, corn, green beans, cabbage, onions, beets, cucumbers, peas, lettuce, mustard, zucchini, peppers, squash, and cantaloupe.

“We have had to run a bear out of the potatoes,” the sheriff said. “We were standing outside and he walked straight into the potato patch. We yelled and he took off.”

I told Smith that when the potatoes and cabbage are ready to be cooked to be sure to call me and I will bring the cornbread.
I forgot to ask Sheriff Smith, who was the other gentlemen — in the red shirt, with his arms raised — in the photo helping out in the garden. Ha! Ha!

Breakfast fundraiser

Washington Volunteer Fire and Rescue had its monthly breakfast fundraiser this past Saturday, serving breakfast for 65 or so, and raising funds to help operate the all-volunteer rescue and fire squad. Thank you to all who came!

A lot of people also visited the newly reopened thrift shop, availing themselves of the $5 per bag sale. Customers were heard gleefully finding the designer jacket of their dreams – or just the perfect pair of shorts. The thrift shop is now open 10 to 4 Wednesdays and 9 to noon Saturdays, and all profits benefit the WFVR. Finally, the new Fourth of July T-shirt is available for purchase. Call 540-675-3615 for more information.

Birthday wishes

Happy birthday wishes go out to Alice Beahm, who celebrated her special day on Friday, June 18. Happy birthday wishes also go out to a dear friend of mine, Helen Smoot, who will celebrate her special day on Monday, June 28, and to Walter Nicklin, our publisher, who will celebrate his day on Tuesday, June 29.

Remember in your prayers each day, Kathy Hudson. She has been under the weather.

Vacation Bible School

Moms, don’t forget that the Vacation Bible School will run from July 19-23, 9 a.m., to noon, at Washington Baptist Church. The school is sponsored by Washington Baptist Church and Trinity Episcopal Church. For more information, call the church office at 540-675-3336.

Yard maintenance

If you are in need for landscaping and yard maintenance, mowing, weed-eating, or just weeding the flower beds and gardens, call Brian Wayland of Washington at 540-683-9275. Brian also does minor tree removal and trimming trash removal.

Increasing your happiness

I would like to leave this thought for the readers: The more good wishes and kind feelings we have for others, the more our own happiness increases.