CMR farm show opens July 8

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When the Culpeper-Madison-Rappahannock (CMR) Farm Show takes place July 8 through July 12, families can take their children to watch 4-H members show and sell their animals, to participate in or watch the tractor driving and stockman’s contests, or compete to become Little Mr. or Ms. CMR.

There is still time to register to show an item in the homemaker’s building — flowers, paintings, photographs, cakes and more. For the complete listing, and for more information about the CMR Farm Show, please check the Web site at

Caroline Massie, a longtime 4-H member and currently a student at the University of Virginia, wrote the following about her experience as a 4-H member and showing her animals each year at the CMR Farm Show:

“When I look back on the decade I spent in 4-H, I have both positive and negative memories. Of the negative memories, I can think of times when I was halter-breaking my steers in the summer heat a week before the fair, frustrated that they were still uncontrollable and there seemed to be no hope for handling them at the upcoming fair. I also had animals that couldn’t be shown at the fair, because they were underweight. Over the years, I even had a few animals die of natural causes.

“However, learning to deal with these hardships — the natural downfalls of life — made me a better person. It made me realize the responsibility that lay in my hands to make sure that these animals became things of which I could be proud. I certainly felt the consequences if I forgot to take care of the animals one day. Having to pay my own feed bills, I became financially conscious and became careful with all my fiscal decisions.

“I can think of more positive memories that made the 4-H program worth the while. I can recall winning both Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion for my pigs at the fair one summer, and having the steers cooperate for me in the show ring. I have had animals barely make the cut-off weight yet truly shine at the fair, and I have received generous compensation from our helpful Rappahannock donors.

“The 4-H program has meant a lot to me — I have made lasting friendships with the kids in the Rappahannock program, as well as kids from other counties. I have learned to become financially and physically responsible, organized, and outgoing. I reaped the benefits of hard work and determination through the 4-H program.”

The CMR Farm Show is July 8-12 at the Culpeper Agricultural Enterprise, 10220 James Monroe Hwy. in Culpeper. Admission is free.
For more information about joining 4-H in Rappahannock County, please call the Extension office at 540-675-3619.

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