Sperryville: Shopping local boosts community retailers

We are so lucky to live in Sperryville. Just consider some of the local shopping venues. While out and about on the west end of U.S. 211, get a cup of coffee while you pick out your beans at Central Coffee Roasters, and then stop at Beech Springs for its popular local preserves. Continue to the Rainbow Market, our own natural and organics market at Hearthstone School, for a tube of natural toothpaste or shampoo, or stock up on organic foods. Do stop and peruse the market’s growing selection of products, and if there is something you want that they don’t have, remember to ask if it can be ordered.

Inteior view shows artists' studios, adjacent to the newF Flavor offices, almost ready for business. Photo by Georgia Landman.

Flavor on the move

Our own Flavor Magazine has relocated to bigger space. Now at River Lane in the Rappahannock Natural Food Co-op building, Melissa Harris and her team have so much space to work in that they need a Segway to get around. The building is really starting to come alive. If you haven’t stopped by lately, you really should. The exterior is crisp and clean (and don’t you love that new blue metal roof on the front porch?) and the interior space is being built out with incredible studios for artists who may be looking for that “Old Town Torpedo Factory” feel but in the setting of our beautiful village. We are all looking forward to Grand Indigo Cafe opening there this fall to provide another gathering place for locals and non-locals alike to eat, visit, “hang out,” have coffee and read the paper, use the WiFi or just enjoy the atmosphere.

Musical moments and food for thought

The Gold Top County Ramblers will be entertaining Sunday on the Deck at Thornton River Grille from 5 to 8 p.m.
If you are also shopping at the Corner Store this weekend and looking for lunch or picnic ideas, there are now fresh sandwiches in the cooler (try the turkey pesto).

JavaLink in the future?

The closing of Rae’s and Stonewall Abbey have left a void in the community both for a gathering space for coffee and for a public, reliable Internet connection. In response to this need, an organizational meeting was held at the Link on Monday. The group that met is preparing to present to the Link board of directors a proposal for a membership-based, self-managed Internet cafe and coffee spot. The group selected the name JavaLink for this proposed community service. This need is immediate because those with Internet- based businesses need an alternative to their current service, which is often down multiple times per day, for extended periods of time. For information and input into this proposal contact Jennifer Alcott at jennifer@theshingleshanty.com
This emphasizes the recommendation for better broadband and cell service needed in the county made by the Economic Revitalization Committee in their report to the county board of supervisors last month.

Weekend with a bang

Lucky Sperryvillians! Saturday we were able to see some of the wonderful fireworks from the Castleton Festival (and a special thank you to the Maazels for the beginning of yet another wonderful summer of music).

Sunday was a fun-filled day and evening thanks to the Sperryville Volunteer Fire Department and the many volunteers, sponsors and supporters who made it all possible (including whoever ordered the perfect weather). What a treat to stroll through the aisle of sponsor tents, watch the good sports in the dunking booth, eat some good food and listen to the music, at the same time being able to support our local non-profit organizations and purchase local artists’ work.