The Rapp for July 8

Photo by Ray Boc.

A fab Fourth

From the dunking booths, music and games to the fireworks’ red, white and blue glare and the Sheriff’s deputies’ get-everyone-home ballet, the Rappahannock Fourth of July Celebration went off grandly this Sunday in Sperryville. Photo gallery here.

Drawing by Thomas Mullany.

Vote for Mullany

We are told that about 70 miles northeast of here, there’s another place called Washington — and that it’s often overcrowded, hard to navigate and way more hot and humid than our shady, easy-to-get-around “little” Washington.

In “big” Washington, specifically at — a Web site that is appropriately overcrowded, hard to navigate and often hot and humid, unlike the cool and infinitely navigable — there’s a contest going on right now to determine “America’s Next Great Cartoonist.”

Among the five finalists is Thomas Mullany — the painter, sculptor and cartoonist (for the Rappahannock News, briefly, back when Mary Ann Kuhn was editor) who calls Washington — our Washington — home.

The field was winnowed down from more than 500 entries nationwide by the judges — a stellar group of cartoonists and humorists. It’s already quite an achievement for Mullany, who admits it’s “been a big thrill.”

“There’s a quote that went up on the Web site today from Stan Lee [the legendary comic-book artist, and one of The Post’s cartoon contest judges] that just about made my day,” says Mullany.

“After carefully scrutinizing the final cartoon contest entries,” Lee wrote, “I feel that — while all are humorous and imaginative — ‘Forever Endeavor’ [Mullany’s comic] is the cleverest and most professional looking.”

Whoa. Stan Lee.

Want to take a stand, once and for all, on the relative big- and little-ness of the two Washingtons? Go right now to and vote.

The site works okay with, um, dial-up connections.

Hume Vineyard

A small new vineyard

You might want to stop by the new Hume Vineyards this Saturday (July 10), not far outside the county line in Fauquier, for its grand opening celebration from noon to 6. For directions and a taste of the dry humor of husband-and-wife owners Stéphane Baldi and Andrea Muse Baldi, head to For a taste, dry or not, of the winery’s 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon, 2008 Meritage blend “Detour,” or 2009 Vidal Blanc, you’ll have to head up to the 50-acre winery and its just-completed tasting room in person. Details at 540-364-2587.

The big yard sale

Sometimes, Monday holidays get in the way of meeting deadlines. We wouldn’t know anything about that personally here at the Rappahannock News, but if you’re checking the classifieds for the annual seven-family Chapman-Compton yard sale over on Route 729, a mile off of U.S. 211, you won’t find it. Because it’s here, and because early advertising deadlines can sometimes get in the way of efficient publicity efforts.

Anyway — lots of clothes, all racked, household items and small appliances. Plenty of free parking. Friday and Saturday, 8 a.m. till whenever. Call 540-675-3796 for details.

And anyone else with a yard sale, in future — please call the classified ad department at 540-878-2491.

On time.

Roger Piantadosi
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  1. Thanks for writing, in such a funny way, on the great news about artist/cartoonist Thomas Mullany. We are all pulling for him! Way to get out the vote for a loved local, Roger!

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