Mullany: Stay tuned . . .

By Thomas Mullany

Rappahannock artist Tom Mullany didn’t win’s Next Great Cartoonist contest a few weeks ago — the voting was online, and he was not surprisingly (though no less disappointingly) beat out by a student cartoonist at the College of William and Mary, where we hear you can actually major in Facebook.

Meanwhile, he said his thanks to those who did vote by doing the cartoon you see here. And Kerrie Mulaney sent out the following to supporters last week: “From childhood friends to current and past work colleagues, a lot of our friends, our kids friends, a huge family network, and then friends of our friends and family, thank you to everyone who voted! There are hopefully still more good things to come — the Washington Post Writers Group will be considering Tom’s work for syndication and he has received great recommendations from Stan Lee and Gary Trudeau to help get a foot in the door. Stay tuned and thanks again!!”

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