Rapp Facts

Photo by Gary Anthes

Did you know that . . . in 1881 the county issued licenses for the sale of “ardent spirits strong enough to burn” (hard liquor) to Lloyd’s Hotel in Washington, Virginia Hotel in Flint Hill, Sperryville Hotel in Sperryville and Piedmont House in Woodville?

About that time, according to Elizabeth and C.E Johnnson’s book of Rappahannock history, a boozer from Hawlin was advised by his doctor to quit drinking. When the man protested, the doctor agreed that he could have one teaspoon of ardent spirits three times per day. Whereupon, the story goes, the man went to his blacksmith shop and fashioned a spoon out of a plow plate.

There were numerous distilleries in the county in the 1800s. Now there is just one (legal, anyway) — the Copper Fox Distillery in Sperryville.

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