Letter: Web sites tell more about Lyme Disease

I am writing this in response to last week’s article on Lyme Disease. I appreciate the work of Gary Barr getting the word out about Lyme Disease, which is becoming epidemic in the area. I would like only to add to the “Looking at Lyme Disease” box. Under where to get more information he suggests the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Web site. I feel that you will get much more useful and non-political information at both of the following Web sites: natcaplyme.org and ILADS.org.

On the ILADS Web site you can find Dr. Joseph Burrascano’s treatment guidelines — 37 pages of pure gold! (At the Web site home page, click on “Treatment Guidelines.”)

Erwin Lesh

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  1. Thank you Erwin for posting the website information regarding Lymes. I too wrote a letter to the editor regarding Lymes and am currently suffering from the disease. The CDC guidelines for treating Lymes are outdated…so thank you for posting the ILADS link. My family doctor, whom I adore, after reading my Western Blot, diagnosed me as not having Lymes per the CDC guidelines. Fortunately, because both of my daughters were very sick with Lymes and on the PICC, I was educated enough to know the questions to ask. I had 3 positive bands and knew immediately I needed to call an infectious disease specialist. He diagnosed me and according to my lab work, I have chronic Lymes…this was not a new infection. Within 48 hours I was in the hospital with a PICC Line surgically inserted. 2 weeks later I am still very sick but slowly on the road to what will be a very long recovery. If I had not been my own advocate I could have ended up critically ill. My eyes have been affected as well as my heart…the reason the PICC went in immediately. It will be my mission, when I am better, to educate the public as well as doctors with patient’s testimonials regarding Lymes! The CDC must change their out-of-date guidelines and doctors need to educate themselves with the disease and not be so rigid when treating their patients. They must look at all their symptoms then follow with labs…how many people are there suffering because of their Lyme Illiterate doctor? I could have been one of them. Lymes has become an epidemic and needs to be treated and acknowledged as so!

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