Washington: Mom and son pull away from the competition

Pat Davis of Harris Hollow, riding her 1949 John Deere tractor in the 8,000 class, won second place by a margin of one foot in the Fauquier County Antique Tractor pull on Sunday, July 18. She took home a trophy.

Just eight days before, her son Kirk rode a 4440 John Deere to win the first place trophy and $50 in the 15,000 class at a Madison County Young Farmers competition on Saturday, July 10.

Kirk lives in Madison County but his shop is in Harris Hollow.

According to his mom, Kirk is a very accomplished diesel and gas engine mechanic and a welder. He can meet all of your machinery needs. Give him a call at 540-222-4867.

Congratulations Pat and Kirk!

Under the big top

Once again Trinity Episcopal Church and Washington Baptist Church held a joint Vacation Bible School (July 19-23) and the theme this year was “Under God’s Big Top.” Some 57 students and adult leaders explored together the joy of God’s love in the Bible. Directors of this year’s school were the Ringmaster (Rev. Phil Bailey) and the Happy Clown (Rev. Jennings Hobson III). An offering collected of $242.26 will be sent to help feed hungry children in Haiti.

The highlight of the week was a performance by “Steve’s Amazing Grace” mule and her friend Missy.

Grace can dunk a basketball, play the piano, paint on canvas and get the mail. Who knows, Grace might even play for the Boston Celtics one day.

It happens that Robert Duvall lives down the road from Steve Foster, and after hearing tales of Grace’s talents, the Oscar-winning actor checked her out himself and then cast her in his film “Get Low” that will be released in August.

The children learned at VBS that all creatures can and should praise God.

Summer sale

R.H. Ballard Art, Rug & Home is having its annual summer sale through Sunday (Aug. 1). The shop is offering 20 to 50 percent off on Oriental rugs, fine art, French tablecloths, unique gifts, home decor, jewelry, scarves, purses and so much more. The hours are 10 a.m., to 6 p.m. every day. Stop by 307 Main St. in Washington and check out the sales. Hey, Christmas is just around the corner.

Determination and patience

Thought for the day: Determination is the strength that will enable you to pass the barrier of useless thoughts in order to create positive thoughts and be successful in whatever you wish. It comes from within and its partner is patience. Patience teaches you not to push but rather to wait and appreciate the game of life instead, knowing that nothing remains the same, and everything will change at some point.