Letter: Calling all clutter busters

Photo by Ray Boc

You can feel a lot better about yourself and your circumstances if you will just clean out something. A drawer. A shelf somewhere in the house. Part of the garage. A section of the shed.

Just clean and dust and you will feel better — summer heat, or no.

It will give you satisfaction to complete a chore; a job that is so obvious in it completeness.

As you do this, you will gain further joy in ridding yourself of something useful, and donating it to the county’s huge annual end-of-summer yard sale.

Here is the rule of donating:

If you have not used it in a year, then you no longer need it. Someone else will make use of it.

This is a rule handed down to us from the founding fathers of this nation. The great Virginia farmer George Washington himself cautioned against wastefulness. This is the same George Washington who was named after the thriving village right here in Rappahannock County. Right?

So clean and dust something now, and then call Larry Hepinstall to donate to the big yard sale on Aug. 28-29 at the Link in Sperryville. The fund-raising sale is organized by the Rappahannock Democratic Party. Larry’s number is 540-987-8316. If there is no answer, call Jed Duvall at 540-937-9934.

Jed Duvall