Sperryville: Rock, paper, scissors and more at art camps

Young artists work at potter wheels at Sperryville Pottery. Photo by Gail Swift.

These were only some of the ingredients in a fun-filled week of clay and fiber camps on Main Street. Four separate groups at Sperryville Pottery were shaping clay, throwing pots on a wheel and glazing their cups, butter dishes, dinosaurs and other interesting creations.

From tiny to tall, all ages had so much fun! At Knit Wit Yarn Shop, nine future fiber artists dyed wool with Kool-Aid, felted it around stones and soap, made hand puppets and learned to knit. One young new artist thought it would be wonderful if camp were held every week! Who had the most fun, do you think? Students? Instructors? Observers? Thank you, Suzanne and Rebecca for holding these camps and inspiring our children.

Pennies from heaven

Last week we were inspired by “hogs in heaven.” This week, as part of our shopping in Sperryville to support our own, we visited Waterpenny, which was overflowing with an abundance of freshly laid eggs and vegetables almost too pretty to eat. Thank you, Eric and Rachel, for all your hard work to feed us so healthily and so well. Many people enjoyed and learned from your fun fact about drip irrigation on Rappnet. “Like many vegetable farmers we use drip irrigation under plastic mulch, a system of plastic hoses with tiny holes that slowly drip water at the base of the plants for extended periods. Compared to sprinklers this is much more efficient — it uses a fraction of the water and puts the water only where it needs to be. Large sprinklers lose water to evaporation and water large sections that don’t need water — pathways, weeds, etc.  Sprinklers also get the leaves of the plants wet, which can cause burning if done when it’s sunny and can help spread diseases and promote pests any time.”

Music traditions

The music continues to flow in Sperryville on the deck at the Thornton River Grille. North Star visits the deck on Sunday from 5 to 8 p.m. The Thompsons continue to entertain us well and feed us well — did you see those lovely local heirloom tomatoes in the Corner Store and in Tom’s special items at the Grille?