Boston: Recent rains quench parched gardens, farms

Greetings from our community and a big hello to all our readers as circumstances have prevented this column from appearing for a while.

The recent welcome rain should make everyone feel better after the hot summer spell.

Local gardeners, if they weren’t in a position to water their plants, have needed rain so badly. The same holds true for our farmers.
In community happenings, Mr. and Mrs. Jake Robinson and son Tim of DeLand, Fla. spent several days last week with Mr. and Mrs. Shelvy Frazier and also visited other relatives while here.

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Thornhill have been making regular enjoyable visits to the Rappahannock Senior Center.

Mrs. Thornhill has extended invitations to the Butler-Thornhill-Weaver reunion planned for Saturday, Sept. 12.

Mrs. Caroline Mason of Sumter, S.C., is visiting relatives and friends in the area.

Mrs. Margaret Komar had her daughter here from Pittsburgh for several days last week at her home on Turkey Ridge Road.

Should there be anyone in our area who would like to join the bus trip group going to New York this fall, please call 540-972-9392.

Those in our community on the sick list and in need of our prayers and a touch from the Lord’s hand are; Jim Peyton, Bess Aylor and Christine Timbers.

Congratulations to the Reva Volunteer Fire Company for receiving the “Best Appearing Fire Company” award at the carnival in Brandy Station last week.

Congratulations also go to our neighbors who serve our community on many occasions, the Sperryville EMS, for traveling the farthest distance to the Brandy Station carnival last week.

A reminder to all members of Regular Baptist Churches in our area that the Ketocton Association of Regular Baptists will be meeting with Belewers Baptist Church in Leesburg on Friday and Saturday, Aug. 13-14; beginning each day at 10 a.m. Elder Terry Overstreet, pastor is the moderator for this session. For more information call 540-987-8802.

Belated birthday wishes go out to Brenda Frazier, Lorraine Bretzen, Liz Lagos, Van Lagos and Julia Sisk.

Mr. and Mrs. Shelvy Frazier were Thursday dinner guests of Mrs. Marie Atkins on Acornbrook Lane.

On our soon to be birthday list are Michael Frazier, Carleen Daty, Mary Tharp, Heather Cubbage, Virgil Payne and Terry Cubbage. The Lord’s blessing to each of you and for many more years.

Recently, several of our residents have gone to meet their maker and we extend sympathy to each family.

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