Letter: SAFE helps those facing danger

I am responding to an article several weeks ago about SAFE. This is a most needed program in our county. For months up until January, I was a victim of a stalker-trespasser who left sexual letters and pornographic pictures at my home for months. Everyone became a suspect. When the case was solved, to my surprise it was someone I had known, or thought I knew, for years.

It’s often a surprise what you uncover about a neighbor, a friend or even a family member. Problems of violence, substance abuse, sexual assault and incest do not just go away — they repeat themselves through generations. This is a real problem in every community, and we still need — in our workplaces, schools and churches — to stop the denial and the enabling.

You might come from a proud family, yet substance abuse, sexual violence and incest comes in many forms, races and religion.

We can only hope for a better future, where no one is a victim and we don’t need programs like SAFE. Meantime I would like to thank [Commonwealth’s Attorney] Peter Luke and the law enforcement community, specifically Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Scott Jenkins, Social Services, Paula Johnson and Brenda Vaness, who work with these difficult cases every day.

Carolyn Beahm

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