Sperryville: New work on older buildings

Sperryville yet again is getting a fresh look. Just walk or drive in the village along Main Street and U.S. 522 to see the renovations galore that are happening. Roofs are being repaired on several homes, new paint is being added to others, and a total renovation is being started on another (peek at the old wood siding under the vinyl). Work on others have been beautifully completed.

It is a treat to watch our village as more historical buildings get restored. To preserve these structures is to preserve the history and culture that has made Rappahannock such a special place.

Let us know if you have some interesting stories about the history of your home or workplace. Visit the Historical Society and learn even more about them — we would love to write about it.

River District changes

The ever evolving River Lane, home to Copper Fox Antiques and Wasmund’s Copper Fox Distillery, will soon also be home to Photo Studio 964, opening in September next door to Flavor magazine’s new offices. Rappahannock Natural Food Cooperative’s building is almost complete. After delays to do much-needed foundation work, the interior planning is in progress, studio lighting has arrived, the kitchen design is complete and there really will be a great cafe for us all to visit — once a chef is found, that is!

Not an endless summer

If you see our children looking forlorn, instead of skipping and smiling like they have been the last two months, do you think perhaps it is because school will be back in session next week?

This is also a good time to remind everyone to be extra careful driving, both in speed and paying attention to what is around you. Lots of little ones will be starting their first day of school, others will be talking and playing with their friends and not thinking about traffic.

Be sure to wave at and thank our deputies at the school intersections as they help to keep the students safe and as you drive the posted speed in the school zones and on the other roads in the county.

The wish by one of the pottery/knit camp students two weeks ago that camp could happen every week will hopefully translate into a fun-filled and learning-filled year.

Thanks to High on the Hog

It was Sperryville’s turn to host the county rescue squads’ monthly meeting on Aug. 13; the Sperryville Volunteer Rescue Squad contacted High on the Hog to cater food for the expected 30 people. They not only catered it, they made a donation. Thank you so much from the SVRS to High on the Hog for donating the great food. This incredible gesture meant that money set aside to pay for the meal was able to be redirected to the needs of the SVRS.