Sperryville: How you can help SVRS to help you

Responders from Washington and Sperryville take a patient to a helicopter for transport to the hospital.

Your rescue squad needs your help. Ambulance drivers and Emergency Medical Technicians who are already certified or who would like to take free training are especially needed.

So much goes into sustaining a volunteer team and advanced life support ambulances at a professional level and like many organizations, the Sperryville Volunteer Rescue Squad has too few volunteers to handle the work. Even so, the SVRS has been able to respond to 96 percent of all calls for assistance its received.

Several training classes are scheduled and one is coming up this week. There is a CPR class on Saturday, Aug. 28 at the Flint Hill Fire and Rescue station. Even someone riding along in an ambulance in a support role must have a current CPR certification.

In September, watch for the announcement about an ambulance driver course. Training will occur over a weekend or two evenings, plus driving practice.

In January, Heather Phillips will teach another EMT-B course. Heather is the superb teacher who ran the program last winter at Flint Hill.

The SVRS has seen several changes recently. A welcome goes out to Dr. Michael Jenks of Fauquier Hospital, the new SVRS operational medical director. Dr. Jenks sets the practice standards and provides the overall medical supervision. The squad’s former assistant chief, Josh Waddell has been deployed to Germany for a year and we wish him well. The new assistant chief is Marc Deal, a medic who also volunteers with the Washington Fire & Rescue, and is a perfect example of volunteerism in our county.

Make a difference in the community, and perhaps find a new career! Many rescue squad volunteers eventually make some sort of rescue or medical work their full-time career. For further information about the SVRS, volunteering, and how you can make a difference, call Harold Beebout, president, at 987-3320.

Art on Main Street

The return of Drew Ernst to Long View Gallery promises another incredible painting. Following on this past spring’s work, Drew has an exciting new project in its initial stages. Please stop by to watch him as he develops another Rappahannock-related story with oils.

Supporting the farms

From Eating Well’s September/October 2010 issue: “13 million — how many extra acres of arable land are needed to grow the fruits and vegetables for Americans to meet the recommended four to 13 servings a day. Help conserve farmland and support your local farmer by visiting a farmers’ market or joining a CSA.”

This emphasizes one of the educational goals of the upcoming Rappahannock Farm Tour. Please mark your calendar for Sept. 25-26 and pass the word to your friends and family to come visit that weekend. Volunteers will be needed again to help at registration at the Link and possibly at some of the venues — please let us know via sperryvillenews@gmail.com if you would be able to help for two to three hours on either day.