Washington: A visit to Shenandoah National Park

We paused for a moment and took in the beautiful surroundings of Shenandoah National Park, on Saturday — Melvin and Mary Gochenour, Skylar Glascock, Anna Clatterbuck, Mae Racer, Helen Smoot (better known as (Georgie Peach) and I.

We made our first stop at the Pinnacles picnic grounds. Everyone was ready to spread the picnic table with food. Of course, all the ladies wanted a cup of fresh-perked coffee by then.

So Melvin had to start a fire the old-fashioned way, with sticks and paper. Everyone gathered sticks for him to help get the fire started. Well . . . it seemed we were not going to have perked coffee anytime soon, so the ladies decided to give up and went for a hike. When we got back to our area, guess who had the fire going and coffee perking on the open fire? Our Scoutmaster Melvin.
We had fresh-perked coffee and it tasted so good.

As we all sat around eating and laughing, we had an unexpected visitor: a little black bear cub. As we know, encounters with wild animals can be dangerous and while we were tempted to offer him some food because he seemed so tame, he was a wild animal. Encouraging these bears to associate humans with food can be fatal. So we should all remember not to feed wild animals in the park!
We did feed ourselves, however, and afterward we packed up and headed toward Big Meadows, where we spent the rest of the afternoon.

Mountaintops have always beckoned to me — to stand at the top to see as far as the eye allows, to take in the beauty of our world. It is so special, it leaves me just breathless.

Everyone enjoyed the day on Skyline Drive, and when we got back to Sperryville, we made a stop at Burgers N Things for ice cream cones.

Antiques Appraisal

Rappahannock Historical Society’s second annual Antiques Appraisal is Saturday, Sept. 18 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., at the old Washington School Auditorium at 567 Mount Salem Ave.

Professionals will assess and evaluate your toys, vintage kitchenware, firearms, art, trains, rare books, china, ceramics and other miscellaneous items. Pictures of larger items may be brought in. Need dating for that log cabin? Bring a digital picture of an inside corner of the building and test our historic preservationist. And visit the Boutique Bakery while you’re there. Call 540-675-1163 for information.


There will be a special sale of old, valuable and interesting books at both the library and the Book Barn next door from 1 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 22. These are donated books which have been deemed too valuable to sell at the Book Barn’s bargain prices. Dealers are welcome, along with all those interested in finding unexpected treasures. All proceeds support the Rappahannock County Public Library. Call the library at 540-675-3780 for further details.


Birthday wishes go out to Hope Huff who will celebrate her special day on Sunday, Aug. 29. Also to Yvonne Darrel, postmaster, who will celebrate her special day on Monday, Aug. 30.

Rappahannock News Staff Photo/Jan Clatterbuck

A reminder

The Washington Town Council provided the town with beautiful flowers planted by Fawn Evenson of Washington and Connie Payne of Amissville Nursery back in May.

Thanks go to R.H. Ballard, which was one of several shops in town whose owners volunteered time to water the barrels during this dry, hot summer.

According to Evenson, some of the barrels have not been getting water during the hot summer. A reminder to please keep the barrels watered during the hot summer so everyone can enjoy the beauty of the flowers.