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Pat Choate

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Just how the United States can restore long-term, non-inflationary economic growth will be the subject of the First Friday at the Library program on Sept. 10.

Pat Choate, an economist, author and Rappahannock resident will speak on the subject for the series sponsored by the Rappahannock Association for Arts and the Community (RAAC) .

The program starts at 8 p.m. at the Rappahannock County Library in Washington.

Choate has an extensive background in national and international economic policy and ran for vice president in 1996 as Ross Perot’s running mate. On Sept. 10, he’ll discuss the political obstacles a program to restore economic growth faces.

Choate has held senior positions in the state governments of Oklahoma and Tennessee and the U.S. Department of Commerce. Between 1981 and 1990, he was vice-president for policy at TRW, Inc, a high-technology global corporation.

He wrote the best-selling “America in Ruins, ” which documented the decay of American infrastructure, “The High Flex Society,” which highlighted the decline of American competitiveness, and “Agents of Influence,” which brought international attention to the role of foreign lobbying in U.S. policymaking.

In 1993, he co-authored with Perot “Save Your Job, Save Our Country: Why NAFTA Must Be Stopped Now,” a critical analysis of the North American Trade Agreement.

In 2001, Choate and Bruce Stokes co-authored the Council on Foreign Relations report titled “Democratizing U.S. Trade Policy. ” In 2002, he was an adviser to the U.S.-China Economic and Security Commission report, “The National Security Implications of the Economic Relationship Between the United States and China.”

His 2005 book, “Hot Property, the Stealing of Ideas in an Age of Globalization” examined the ways the U.S. economy is being drained through intellectual property theft and ways policies can remedy it.

His 2008 book, “Dangerous Business,” describes the risks of global interdependence. His 2009 book, “Saving Capitalism,” identifies six game-changing actions the United States can take to deal with the 2008-2010 economic crisis.

Choate holds a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Oklahoma. In 1994, the University named him the Arthur Barlo Adams Fellow in recognition of his continuing scholarship.

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