Washington: Gathered around for a mayor event

Eugene Leggett

Family members and close friends gathered for a birthday bash Saturday evening to celebrate Eugene Leggett turning 85. The dinner party was hosted by Beverly and John Sullivan at their home, The Meadows, in Little Washington.

Leggett, former mayor of Washington and now a town council member, was toasted by Sullivan, the new mayor, and by family and friends. One of the most moving toasts was from Leggett’s eldest son, Sheldon, who spoke about how proud he and his siblings are for what their father taught them and for his accomplishments during his life.

The biggest splash was the opening of a huge Methuselah bottle of champagne, which poured 36 servings, given as a gift by Patrick O’Connell, chef and owner of The Inn at Little Washington.

Do not speed

Some people may feel that being on a quiet country road means that they can go as fast as they want. This is not true. A posted speed limit means it is important for your safety to pay attention to it and slow down.

On Friday, Aug. 27 around 1 p.m., on Harris Hollow Road, my friend dog was hit in front of her house by a fast-moving vehicle.

When driving on country roads, you will want to always be on the lookout by bikers, hikers and for animals. In many country areas, you might see animals such as deer. You may especially be startled by one if you are driving on a country road that has a lot of trees or bushes by the side of the road where an animal can hide. Slow down and be prepared so that if something darts out in front of you then you can do your best to avoid an accident. You should always keep your eyes on the road so that you will see something right away.

It is important to be safe while driving on country roads. Please consider the posted speed limit for your own protection as well as that of other drivers and animals.

Mum time

Ladies, Leon Hutcheson of Sunset Hills Farm in Washington is selling his magnificent mums. Hutcheson has a number of varieties. Some are early bloomers and some late, and they are beginning to show color. He has been selling mums for 21 years. Go and check them out for your fall planting. I bet you will not leave without buying some .


Rappahannock News staff gathered for a cookout at Betty Grigsby’s residence in Washington last Saturday evening. Everyone brought a dish and enjoyed the food and fellowship.


Birthday wishes go out to Louis Moore, III. He will celebrate his day on Friday, Sept. 3. Also wishes go out to Judge Raynor Snead and Katharine Leggett. They will celebrate their day on Saturday, Sept. 11.

A very special birthday wish goes out to my niece, Joy Alther, who will celebrate her special day on Sept. 7.

Prayer list

Remember Betty Hutcheson in your prayers each day. Betty has been under the weather for a while.